Osinbanjo: We’ll Focus on Solid Training for Young Nigerians

Yemi Osinbanjo
encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit among the Nigerian youth, focus
should also be on ensuring that young Nigerians are well-trained in
whatever discipline or professional calling they may chose, according to
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.

While noting the
importance of entrepreneurship, Prof. Osinbajo said “we should emphasize
training too, solid training. For whatever you are, you can be the best
in it… Building the very best minds should be the focus.”
to him, “if you are a graduate of history, you should be so
well-trained to be the best historian,” the VP said during a research
presentation to him by Course 24 Participants of the National Defence

“I think we should bear in mind also that even if you are
not an entrepreneur, but you are competent in whatever your field of
endeavour or whatever your discipline is, if you are well-trained in any
type of profession, you are a major contributor to the GDP, you are a
major contributor to the well being of the society,” the VP declared.

commending the participants for their research titled “Youth Bulge in
Nigeria: Implications for National Security,” Prof. Osinbajo added that
government would “still continue to maintain focus on very good solid
training so that whatever you are, you can contribute to the society.”
presentation noted the significant youth population in the country
could be turned into a positive engine for national growth through
entrepreneurship. Captain O. A. Olodude, of the Nigerian Navy, who made
the presentation on behalf of Course 24 participants stated that if the
youth are not harnessed through schemes such as NYSC Entrepreneurial
Scheme, training in agriculture, ICT and others, to tackle unemployment,
they would affect the society negatively.
Earlier, the Commandant
of the National Defence Collage and leader of the delegation, Rear
Admiral Samuel Alade, said the Course 24 has 130 Participants 7 of which
are from other countries including Niger, Republic of Benin, Ghana,
Zambia and Sierra Leone. He revealed that the next course will have
participants from Germany, Turkey, Brazil and India. He stated that in
the 25 years of the Collage, this is the first research presentation of
its kind. Vice President Osinbajo, who promised to send the
recommendations of the research to relevant government agencies, has
also been recognized with the Distinguished Personality Award of the
National Defence Collage.


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