Supermarkets slammed for reducing cost of sweets and sugary drinks instead of healthy food

Britain's supermarkets have been closed down for failing to launch price promotions on healthy food while cutting the cost of sweets and sugary drinks.

The latest research by consumer watchdog Which? found that high street supermarkets had more promotions on less healthy food and drink.
It is now urging retailers to play their part in the fight against obesity.
Which? analysed data collected by mySupermarket on the number of promotions across the major supermarkets between April and June this year.
Of the 77,165 promotions where nutritional data was available, the watchdog found that over half (53%) were on less healthy foods compared to healthier products (47%).
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When comparing different food groups, Which? found that more than half (52%) of confectionery was on offer compared to only around a third of fresh fruit and vegetables (30% and 34% respectively).
Seven in ten (69%) soft drinks that would fall under the higher sugar band category (more than 8% sugar) of the Government’s proposed sugar tax were also on promotion.
In a separate survey, Which? found a third of people (29%) say they find it difficult to eat