Why I Pitied Buhari - Nasir El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai
Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai said he pitied President Buhari because the two times he's become president of Nigeria was when the country was going through rough economic periods. 
El-Rufai said this while speaking at the Sunday Service of the Latter Rain Assembly which he attended yesterday July 31st.

El-Rufai and Bakare
“We have always known that there is massive corruption in Nigeria but the revelations of the past one year have shocked even the most pessimistic of critics. Nearly 70 per cent of Nigeria’s oil revenues disappeared without a trace. Of course, there must be consequences for that. When we sit down with President Buhari these days, I pity him. I pity him because he has always become President anytime Nigeria is in trouble. First, it was after the NPN (National Party of Nigeria) government had almost grounded the economy (in 1984) and now, after a massive looting of the nation’s treasury; and he has to lead the team to fix it”he said


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