MMM Nigeria: No Payment for Participants during Holiday Mode

There will be no pay for MMM Nigeria participants as the festive holiday sets in. According to sources within the hierarchy of MMM Nigeria, the “Pause mode” is a period where there will be no “Get Help” as a result of the Christmas holiday.

“During Christmas Holidays, banks and other institutions do vacate on holidays. It therefore means that if a participant should request for get help (GH) nobody would be able to pay him/her because the banks are on break”.

According to the source, “this plan is to help curb issues like Fake POPs, participants being Blocked, not matched on GH. Participants are to note that, during the Holiday Pause Mode, there will be no Mavro growth, no GH but you can PH”.

The source further said: “MMM are always making conscious effort to see that the community is healthy for her participants. NO PANIC!  So very soon, you will see the notice on your Dashboards. When you see it, don’t say MMM has crashed. Its for the effective participation in the community”.

The MMM scheme has been a victim of negative media campaign in recent times following the warning by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the security and exchange commission (SEC) labeling it a “Ponzi scheme”.

In spite of warnings and media demonizing the scheme, MMM Nigeria has only remained stronger and motivated.


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