Abia State Gov delivers some Made in Aba shoes to Ex-President Obasanjo in Ogun (Photos)

The former President was at a function in Lagos some
weeks back and ordered some Made in Aba shoes. Abia state governor,
Okezie Ikpeazu, personally delivered the shoes to Obasanjo at his home
in Ogun state yesterday. More photos after the cut …
Speaking while delivering the goods, the Governor said:

“Sir, you
made an order for made in Aba shoes through me when we met last in
Lagos two weeks ago, I am here today to deliver the shoes to you sir.
These shoes, including the one I am wearing are made by our people in
Aba. We want you to wear them and tell others about them. As promoters
of made in Aba products, we have taken it upon ourselves to promote made
in Aba goods by wearing them and by telling others about them.”
In his remarks, General Obasanjo said: “Governor, I can’t thank you
enough, and through you, I cannot thank my brothers and my sisters who
have decided to adorn me with these wonderful, classy and classic shoes
made in our land by our own people. For me, this is very significant in many ways. In fact, let me
deliver to you a message from The African Export-Import Bank
(Afreximbank) which they ask me to deliver to you. Afreximbank is
spearheading made in Africa, and they came during their annual meeting.
The message they left for me to you is that they have heard so much
about Aba, and they want me to get in touch with you so they can come
back and pay a special visit to Aba, because they want to establish an
industrial park in Aba to encourage production and exportation of goods
made in Africa
if the shoes you gave me here, which I am wearing one of them,
feeling very comfortable on my feet, if they are good for me, I believe
they should be good for Africa, and for anybody in Nigeria and indeed
for anybody in the world. When. We use what we make by ourselves for
ourselves, others will simply join us in using them because we are proud
of them. These shoes are so comfortable and they are so good. Anybody
watching me, no matter how high or low, who wants to help Nigeria get
out of recession quickly should call the makers of these shoes in Aba to
make for them.”


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