Ughievwen Kingdom – Delta State

Ughievwen Kingdom map

Ughievwen is one of Urhobo 24 clans and it is made up of 32 towns. It is the largest clan both in land mass and population in Ughelli South local government area of Delta State. 

Ughievwen covers a land area of about 275 square kilometres and is bounded on the south by the Forcados river, on the east by Olomu clan, on the west by Udu clan and on the north by Agbarho and Ughelli clans.
The headquarters is Otughievwen with over 1,000,000 million people (according to the 1999 NPC Census figure). The people refer to themselves as “Ughievwen” although they are represented in government records as Jeremi and by most Urhobo people as simply “Ujevwe”. 

When new local government areas were created in 1991, Otughievwen became the headquarters of Ugheli South Local Government Area made up of Arhavwarien, Eghwu, Ephronto, Okparabe, Olomu and Ughievwen clans.


Ughievwen is a man who left the Benin Kingdom about the year 1370 AD. He had many female children but their names were lost in history due to marriages hence only the four sons’ names were documented. Ughievwen is the second largest kingdom in Urhobo Land (after Okpe). 

The People of the land are known as Ughievwen and they speak Ughievwen dialect of Urhobo language. The four sons and thier lineage now constitute the four sub-clans or ruling houses in Ughievwen.

Ughievwen Clan

Communities in Ughievwen are

Orhohwe Sub Clan

  1.     Ighwreekan
  2.     Edjophe
  3.     Oto-Edo

Owahwa Sub Clan

  1.     Otor-Owahwa
  2.     Egbo-Ide
  3.     Esaba
  4.     Ophorigbala
  5.     Otutuama
  6.     Ighwreogun
  7.     Okwemor
  8.     Otegbo
  9.     Otitiri

Ukpedi Sub Clan

  1.     Otughievwen
  2.     Eyara
  3.     Imode
  4.     Agboghwiame
  5.     Erhunwaren
  6.     Agbaghare
  7.     Ayagha
  8.     Oginibo
  9.     Okwagbe Water-Side
  10.     Okwagbe Inland
  11.     Ighwreoku

Uphurie Sub Clan

  1.     Ekprokpe
  2.     Ekakpamre
  3.     Urhiephron
  4.     Ekrejegbe
  5.     Ughevwughe
  6.     Otokutu
  7.     Egbo-Uphurie
  8.     Ighwrekreka
  9.     Arhagba

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