Wife stabs husband to death on Christmas Day in Lagos

wife stab

This year’s Christmas will be remembered in a long time for some bizarre incidents that occurred on a day Nigerians should be celebrating the birth of Christ and end-of-year activities.

On Sunday, a woman stabbed her husband to death in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State because he did not provide Christmas money for the family.

The woman, simply identified as Iya Bose, committed the crime in Majidun Awori area of Lagos State on Christmas Day. The state’s police spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, saying the woman, who has since been arrested, would be charged to court as soon as investigation is completed.

In another development, a kid was cruelly dumped by a gutter in Yaba area of Lagos while being confined in a carton on Christmas Day. Residents of the area spotted the strange incident as Nigerians celebrated the Yuletide.

According to a social media user named Bishop Etekamba Duke, the child, presumably around the age of two, was found in a carton in a gutter with plantain kept beside him for inexplicable reasons.

“People are wicked. How can you put your child in a carton beside plantain and drop inside a gutter?” he lamented.

The helpless boy wandered out of the carton into the road, which put him at the risk of being hit by a vehicle. He was later attended to by a Good Samaritan.


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