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Scent leaves- FOB News
Scent Leaves
Here are the huge benefits of using scent leaves for young and adult, its advantages are incomparable. Simple diet for total body cleansing! 

Cough and phlegm Laxative
Obtained by squeezing the leaves to remove fluid (or an extract of leaves of Scent). Then take the extract and brew it with hot water. After that drinks at your child or yourself. With drinking extracts Scent leaves water regularly, then your cough will subside gradually.

Fever malaria
Scent leaves contain an effective antipyretic substance to reduce fever and cure malaria. To get this benefit, you can brew Scent leaves as tea if you are lover of tea, you can drink the tea while still warm.

You can pluck just few leaves, early in the morning, chew them after rising them in water. Then after chewing, you can drink small water to push it down. Doing this, at least once a week will save you out of fever, pile and associated sickness.

Drink brewing scent leaves as tea able to treat digestive problems such as diarrhea, mules, such as in the stomach and others. The content of the essence in the Scent leaves have a calming effect and cools the stomach.

Lowering blood sugar
The plants are also able to prevent cancer and reduce cholesterol. In diabetes mellitus, especially non-insulin dependent (NID diabetes), Scent may lower blood sugar levels and protect the pancreas cells that produce insulin from damage.

Randomized study in 1996 showed a decrease in blood sugar levels, after eating scent leaves it was discovered that the leaves are significant an at the NID-DM patients. According to research conducted on mice, the content of ethanol in mint efficacious lowering blood sugar levels. Another finding was awesome, that Scent able to protect body tissue from damage caused by radiation.

Relieve heartburn
Scent leaves tea is useful for curing heartburn, coughing, feeling unwell, menstrual pain, fever, malaria, respiratory problems, constipation, appetite enhancer, nausea, postpartum treatments, cleansers and boosters heart.

 Killing bacteria (antiseptic)
The content in the leaves of Scent effective are very active tackling and eliminating of germs. You should take 15 slice of Scent leaves, boiled in two cups boiling water into the remaining one cup. Use boiled water for antiseptic.

Facilitate milk
If you have any problems with the smooth milk, eat Scent leaves to stimulate milk production. Take twenty leagues grams of Scent leaves, use as fresh vegetables when eating.

Getting rid of flies and mosquitoes
Contained in the fragrant aroma, scent leaves repels mosquitoes or flies. So if you want to repel mosquitoes or flies, keep the Scent leaves in a pot in the house.

Reduce nicotine
Scent leaves has the ability to eliminate and repair the damage caused by smoking. Smokers must consume Scent leaves. Other Scent benefits can also reduce stress, prevent diabetes and kidney stone disease. Wind laxative (carminativa) contains mint like Scent.

Improve the boil
Health benefits of scent leaves, includes its potency to improve the boil. To ripen boils, you can take advantage of Scent leaves. Use Scent leaves to taste, squeeze together with the oil then put on to a boil.

As anti-inflammatory, Scent has the same effectiveness as aspirin and ibuprofen.  It is profitable. Scent is also not irritate the stomach. That’s because in this herb, there are more elements to prevent injury in the body.

Healthy for the heart
Especially for adults, Scent leaves helps to prevent disease and heart problems. Every 100 grams of fresh Scent leaves have 33 grams of protein. In addition to protein, Scent also contains magnesium which helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase blood circulation. The benefits of Scent to help stabilize blood is blood circulation.

Maintain the health of the eyes and mouth
Scent is very rich in vitamin A. As we know vitamin A can cope with various types of eye infections, conjunctivitis, and eye soothing stress and also for the prevention of night blindness and other vision problems. In addition Scent leaves also can be used to eliminate bad breath.

Scent plant has anti-inflammatory properties in it. These herbs help to treat arthritis. Scent also contains calcium that can help increase bone density and prevent diseases of the bone such as osteoporosis.

Cosmetic Fragrances
Crushed Scent leaves of fragrant essential oils can be used as a fragrance cosmetic and horticultural crops decoy fruit flies. Scent essential oil containing methyl eugenol, eugenol, cineol, linalol and terpineol.

Fertility problems
Scent leaves is not only useful as part of the fresh vegetables that delicious eaten with chilli sauce and chicken or fried fish, but Scent also has benefits for male and female sexual organs. The compounds in Scent can overcome the problem of premature ejaculation in men. The content epigenin fenkhona and eugenol in Scent can facilitate erection. Additionally, arginine substances contained in the Scent can strengthen sperm vitality and prevent infertility.

High in Vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus
Scent including vegetables that is rich in provitamin A. Each 100 grams of Scent leaves contained vitamin A. SI 5000 plus, Scent including as vegetables that contain lots of minerals calcium and phosphorus as many as 45 and 75 mg per 100 grams of Scent leaves.

Women’s reproductive health
So also in women, Scent leaves is rich in anetol and boron compounds, capable of inducing the hormone estrogen. It’s Eugenol compound is also able to kill the fungus that causes vaginal discharge. In addition stigmaasterol substances in the Scent may stimulate the egg maturation. Tannin and zinc reduce the secretion of vaginal fluid, there is also a substance called tryptophan that can delay menopause

There are two reasons why scent leaves can be anti-fungal: The gotten extracts from leaves of scent contain anti-fungal properties because the scent of essential oils present in leaves contains anti-fungal, and it is contain antiseptics beside contains antibacterial properties, too.

General Notice:
Essential oils of Scent leaves can be used for aroma therapy massage, because the essential oils of Scent can relieve and refresh the body.

Special warning to pregnant women
However, pregnant women are prohibited from using it because it is feared that it could cause  miscarriage. But beside that, essential oils can be used as a mixture of various manufacture of drugs and body treatments such as soap, essence perfumes, body lotions, ointments, lozenges, as well as aromatherapy oils.