The World's 10 Wealthiest Couples - September 2017 | Felix Omoko Blog

Bill Gates and wife Melinda
According to data compiled by Wealth-X about the riches couples in the world, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, are the world's wealthiest couple, with a combined net worth of $85.7 billion.

Others include Amancio Ortega Gaona and his second wife Flora Perez; Warren Buffett and his wife Astrid Menks.

1 Bill & Melinda Gates         $85.7 billion
2 Amancio Ortega Gaona & Flora Perez $70.7 billion
3 Warren Buffett & Astrid Menks $65.0 billion
4 David & Julia Koch         $47.5 billion
5 Charles & Elizabeth Koch        $47.4 billion
6 Wang Jianlin & Lin Ning        $40.7 billion
7 Jeff & Mackenzie Bezos $39.8 billion
8 Bernard Arnault & Helene Mercier $38.7 billion
9 Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan $38.5 billion
10 James and Lynne Walton $36.2 billion

The Giving Pledges

Bill and Melinda Gates joined with Buffett in 2010 to form the Giving Pledge, a campaign to encourage the world's wealthiest people to commit most of their riches to philanthropy. Since it was originated, more than 100 pledges have been made.