Hong Kong vessel seized for transferring oil to N/Korea | Felix Omoko Blog

Hong Kong
South Korea has seized a Hong Kong-flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil to North Korea in defiance of international sanctions.

A foreign ministry official said on Friday that the vessel, Lighthouse Winmore, transferred refined petroleum products to a North Korean ship in international waters in late October.

U.S. had proposed to the UN Security Council that the Hong Kong-flagged ship be blacklisted for circumventing sanctions slapped on North Korea for its nuclear and missile programs.

China, one of North Koreas biggest oil supplier has not sold any oil to the country in the last two months.

The UN had imposed series of sanctions on North Korea for its missile programme. The last sanction imposed restricts the country from getting more than 500,000 barrels of refined oil every year.

In reaction to the most recent sanction, North Korea described it as an act of war and promised that all countries that endorsed the resolution of the UN will feel its wrath.