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Most wealth creation principles are easy to understand, but difficult to implement. Wealth is different from riches and riches are parts of wealth. 
Wealth is made up three parts, which are:

  1. Health: This is consists of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental.
  2. Cashflow and Riches: This includes savings, investments, and your earnings or revenue.
  3. Power: Inclusive of spiritual and temporal influence.

The Golden Rule: Those who have the gold, make the rules.

This law rings true for our central banking system – otherwise known as The Federal Reserve. Some might argue that powerhouse players, like pharmaceuticals, Hollywood or even politicians hold the power. In reality we are controlled by the Federal Reserve because they control the valuation of the dollar.

Because we rely on the Federal Reserve, they get to call the shots. However, when we are disciplined enough to save our own capital into a banking policy (Whole Life Insurance), you get to call the shots – now you’re in the driver’s seat!

Start acquiring your gold so you can make the rules!

Parkinson’s Law: When income increases, so do expenses.

In finance, Parkinson’s Law states that when a person has a rise in income, their expenses will rise as well.

This economic law supports why so many people never have enough money to save and invest – regardless of how much more money they make.

To avoid becoming a victim of Parkinson’s Law:

 One, take 10-15% off the top of your income with every pay raise
 Two, be sure to pay yourself first.

Then make a conscience effort to keep your standard of living consistently affordable regardless of how much your income increases. It’s a fact, being wealthy requires discipline.

Sutton’s Law: Wherever wealth is accumulated someone will try to steal it.

Sutton’s Law was derived from the notorious bank robber of the early 1900s, Willie Sutton. He was once asked in an interview why he robbed banks, and he famously replied, “Because that’s where they keep the money!”

This rule states that wherever wealth is accumulated, someone will try and steal it.  Nowhere is this law more apparent than in our nation’s current tax system.

Taxes erode wealth, and just like Sutton’s Law points out, if the American public is holding the money, then someone (like the IRS) will “steal” it. And as the saying goes, “the more you make the more they take.”

Though we all get taxed, one way to hold onto your wealth is through a Whole Life Insurance Policy, as it allows your money to grow tax-free.
Overall Wealth Creation with Whole Life

When adhered to, these three principles can bring power into your financial life, yet Whole Life Insurance can be the “holding place” that protects your money. Whole Life Insurance provides ample tax-benefits, is free from government regulation, and captures the opportunity cost of your dollars that would have otherwise been lost if deposited into a bank.

As we were told as kids, money doesn’t grow on trees; and wealth rarely just “appears” in a person’s life.

Being wealthy takes knowledge, proper decision making, and an understanding of how to protect your hard-earned income from the greatest wealth corroders of all – inflation and taxes.

The wealthiest set of people in the world such as Bill Gate, Carlos Slim, Warren Buffett, Amancio Ortega, Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote, Oprah Winfrey, Folorunsho Alakija; are where they are today because they understand the following powerful principles of wealth creation.

You need to have a personal will to conquer the world in your chosen fields of endeavour. You need to be intentional about creating solutions to problems, creating value as well as creating wealth. You need to ask yourself these questions – Do I have a personal will to succeed? Do I have a personal will to become wealthy? What personal mandate and command drives me? Your answers to these questions will give you insight on how intentional you are to create wealth.

Wealthy people have identified their specific fields and they have remained there consistently over the years. These people are attentive, focused, and sensitive to problems and they are also looking for the most sustainable way to create solutions through their spheres of endeavour. They have not gone outside of their field to provide solutions to other problems. They have stayed, given attention and have remained focused within their identified fields. Many focus on their challenges and miseries rather than their ambitions and opportunities. Also, avoid everything that weakens you and only give attention to those things that strengthens you.

Wealthy people have identified their areas of passion and have committed their energy to it. Many lose their energy to negativity and many have lost their passion. Where do you waste your energy? What are you passionate about? What do you do that you never seem to get tired of? What is it that you do most naturally and you don’t have to struggle? What is it that you love? Focus therein, because therein lies your wealth. Stay focused on that area and give all your time, energy and attention there. Your energy flows where your energy grows.

Wealthy people are driven by their conviction and core belief. This is what propels them in business and personal success. You need to believe in yourself, in your dreams as well as solutions that you were born to solve. If you do, you need to remain in it, because it is your passion and belief that will get people to believe in you and invest in you. You also need to have a healthy self-esteem in order to have that conviction and belief in yourself.

Wealthy and successful people have identified their personal skills and competencies over the years. They have grown from who they are to whom they have come to be and they have lived their lives consistently with the attitude of growth and learning. If your wealth is not growing, it is already dwindling.

What areas of your life do you need development? What areas of your life do you lack the competencies to grow and to become the wealthy person that you want to be? What kind of personal development is best for you? You must also constantly grow and learn for yesterday’s knowledge or revelation could be obsolete for today’s lifestyle. Your result and outcome in life will expand only at the same rate as your personal growth. If you are not growing, you are dying.

This is the action of serving, helping or benefitting another. It is defined as the behaviour that is conducive to the welfare or the advantage of another. “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Chrurchill. Service is something done not for yourself but for the benefits of another person. It is the provision of facilities to meet the needs or for the use of another person. “Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much away” – Erich Fromm. For you to become successful or wealthy in life you must be willing to serve; and that service is not to you but to other people. Just like in the game of Table Tennis, those who serve well win easily and those who do not serve well, end up losing. Wealthiest men in the world attained this position as a result of setting up businesses and developing products and services that provides service to humanity.
“You are not wealthy until you have something money cannot buy” – Garth Brooks


• Intentions connect your wealth desires and goals to the field of possibilities.
• Attention keeps your wealth desires and goals linked to your possibility field.
• Energy and passion powers and empowers your wealth desires and goals
• Belief manifests your wealth desires and goals.
• Growth keeps and increases your wealth desires and goals and ultimately, it ensures sustainability.
• Service brings more wealth and creates satisfaction and more achievements.  

Guide: So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom and apply thine heart to understanding - Prov 2: 2