Okwagbe Community deserves better Representation

Politically, Okwagbe is being marginalized by the government of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa with no traceable development like the basic amenities every community deserve. Okwagbe community has been producing and giving PDP the highest vote from Ughelli South Local Government Area since 1999 till date.

The so-called rehabilitation of the road since 2017 till now has yielded no positive result.

Historical Facts:

Okwagbe is the most populous and developed town in Ughelli South L.G.A. Delta State, Nigeria near Warri. It consists of two sub-regions: Okwagbe Water-Side and Okwagbe Inland.

Okwagbe is an Urhobo town, it is two towns in one; Okwagbe Inland and Okwagbe Waterside. It is a commercial town located on the right bank of River Forcados almost mid-way between Bomadi and Burutu. It has the largest local market in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

It has a population of about 30,000 (thirty Thousand). In the government of the town, each of the two towns that make up the town has a chairman and an eldest man who are the authorities in the town who administer it in a democratic setting, holding town Assembly in their town halls, sometimes they hold the Assembly together.


The eldest men and the chairmen are assisted by Vice Chairmen, Spokesmen, Secretaries, Treasurers and others elected in a town Assembly. The town is famous for the production of fish, palm oil and palm kernel, cassava, rubber and the distilling of gin. 

It is undergoing urbanization very fast. It has two large government schools and over five private ones. It has a large government secondary school with a population of over 3000 (two thousand) with a catchment area of more than 7(seven) communities spread up to 12KM (twelve kilometers).

It also has up to four private secondary schools. It has three clinics and health centers. It has a Police post and an Army post. The hospitality of the people, the commercialization and security of the town as well as the abundant opportunities for investment in it has attracted many people to settle in the town.

Major Streets:

  1. Akpo - Okwagbe Water Side
  2. Idjogun  - Okwagbe Water Side
  3. Iviaje  - Okwagbe Water Side
  4. Erhobe - Okwagbe Inland
  5. Imigbu - Okwagbe Inland
  6. Akpor - Okwagbe Inland
  7. Idjogun -  Okwagbe Inland
  8. Ekrerobe - Okwagbe Inland