2019: Reasons why Nigerians should Vote Out Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

FOM Abuja: Nigerians should not be deceived by the leadership of  President Buhari on how he has managed the affairs of this nation since 2015 and for us to decide wisely who we should vote for come 2019.
The facts below are among the other reasons why Nigerians should vote out President Muhammadu Buhari comes 2019 General Elections.

 1. Religion Reason: President Buhari is practically working against the well-being of the Christians. Several Churches, ordained priests and Christians communities have been wipe out because no one is standing in the gap for the Christians and Buhari has given deaf ears to the cry of the Christians.

2. Appointment Basis: There is uneven appointment especially in the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Nigeria Police Force. The Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air staff, Chief of Naval Staff and the IG of Police are all Muslims. Why? The basis for this is their plan to Islamised the country from every nook and cranny.

3. Hardship: The Nigeria economy has failed under the Buhari regime and he is not affected in any way.

4. Old Age: He is not fit to govern the affair of this nation due to his age. He cannot read clearly. He can’t hear clearly. What of thinking and planning as a President of the most populated black nation in the world.

5. IQ Level: His reasoning level is outdated and declining every day, that fact will not change.

6. Unemployment: The level of unemployment on the increase and the little he has offered was not on permanent basis.

7. Political Acumen: He cannot control the happening to bring about the expected change, instead his titans are working on how to destroy the stronghold of opposition.

Why is Buhari fighting corruption with corruption?

Vote wisely comes 2019 General Elections.