God's will for Nigeria - Felix Omoko Blog

 Felix Omoko
One thing is sure for the stability and growth of the Nigeria economy and making the right choice for today will make the difference tomorrow according to God's way and promises.
The health of the nation's depends on the heart of every Nigerians to decide where they want to be tomorrow and to walk toward it.

Leadership and governance is the principal platform where Nigerians can make the right choices and to pitch the future of the economy. Our leaders may be bad, but they were elected somehow by the electorates. For instance, most Nigerians clamored for change without looking at the source of the man that will manifest the change.

Another general elections for Nigeria is knocking at every one's door; who you choose (Atiku or Buhari) will determine the changes that will be projected within the next four years.

Nigeria will be great again! Let support the right leaders and God will back them.