Okwagbe Sons and Daughters - Our Prospects

FOM Abuja: The prospect of Okwagbe people is beyond religious and political career that is yet to develop the land and the people socially, political, religiously and economically. Okwagbe people deserve proper and stable leadership,
a viable economic source, good road network, industries, tertiary institution of higher learning, hospital, a commercial bank and right men & women with godly interest either at home or in diaspora.

Politically, we have not gotten the needful and religiously we are still on the way, but the way out is a common goal and interest by those saddles with leadership, political and religious responsibilities.

Our land has been sold out to people of neighbouring communities for the immediate gains and show of power, yet the children of those who have sold out our pieces of land are not the richest and they are not contributing to the interest of the people.

Let us rise as an individual and groups to stand against any act that will undermine our ability and endowment as Okwagbe people.

I am proud to be a true indigene of Okwagbe both maternally and paternally.

Felix OmokoAbuja, Nigeria.