MASSOB warns Ndigbo ahead of 2019 General Elections | Felix Omoko's Blog

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The Movement for Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has insisted that the Igbo residing in diaspora, particularly in parts of Northern Nigeria must return during the unpredictable 2019 general elections.
The insistence is coming on the heels of an alleged group’s opposition to Ndigbo making mass returns during the elections. MASSOB alleged that a group, Igbo Delegates Assembly, IDA, was against the mass return but warned the IDA to note that Igbo lives are precious. In a statement yesterday, MASSOB said that IDA has no right to issue a marching order to Ndigbo residing in Northern States not to return to their ancestorial land during the coming elections.

Leader of MASSOB, Comrade Uchenna Madu said, “No individual group including IDA can tell the people of Biafra to abandon their father land during political crises. “We know that the marching order of IDA is politically motivated and sponsored. Soon, we shall tell our people that believe in Biafra actualization and restoration what to do before and during the coming general elections.

“MASSOB confirmed that during general elections, the Hausa/Fulani people residing in Biafra land always returned back to Arewa land to support and vote for their preferred candidates in Arewa land, why must some politically sponsored persons claiming Igbo leaders in Northern Nigeria issue a marching order to the people of Biafra residing in Arewa land?”

Source: Vanguard