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Bill Gates
Success is a lazy teacher according to Bill Gates in his book, the road ahead as a progressive achievement in one's endeavour and every one has a story to tell. Although, the world is full of complainants and get-quick money ideologists.

Our value system is depreciating on a daily basis because most young men and women have lost track of their unique gifts. They are now following the trends of politics or entertainment, looking away from their talents and gifts.

Follow this sequence of teaching on success and success will be guaranteed at the end of it all.

Approach life with fairness because life is not fair. Life is full of failures and always attempt those things that threaten you the most. 

Follow the path of successful men and always rebuke opposition. Ensure you serve the cause of humanity at all level no matter what you passing through.

Let people earn your trust for the sake of tomorrow by adding positive and enduring to their lives.

You are either following a good cause or not. The end will justify the means.

Success is staying long at your vision with your energy, body and soul until your result come and continued to the end of time for a generational impact.

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