Zuzana Caputova Profile - Slovakia's First Female President

Zuzana Caputova
Zuzana Caputova is an activist, a lawyer and politician who became Slovakia's first female president on 15th June, 2019 at the age of 45 years. 

She first became known by prevailing in a decade-long struggle against the situating of a toxic landfill in her hometown of Pezinok. For this, Čaputová was awarded the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize.

Čaputová won the 2019 election for president with 58% of the vote in the run-off. "We’ll try to have a constructive relationship with neighbouring countries but at the same time have clear stances and positions based on values," she told an interviewer.

Early life and education
Zuzana Strapáková was born on 21st June 1973 into a working-class family in Bratislava. She grew up in the nearby town of Pezinok, in what was Czechoslovakia for the first two decades of her life. She has described her upbringing as having occurred within "an open-minded house".

She studied at the Comenius University Faculty of Law in Bratislava,  graduating in 1996.

Between 1998 and 1999 she completed the training cycle "General Management – Management of Change" and in 1999 the ARK – Mediation course, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovakia.

Early career
After concluding her education, Čaputová worked in the local government of Pezinok, first as an assistant in the legal department, and later as a deputy to the town mayor.

She later moved into the non-profit sector at the Open Society Foundations, where she handled public administration and the issue of abused and exploited children.[8] Subsequently, she worked as a project manager at the civic association EQ Klub on local community development.

2019 presidential campaign
Čaputová and Robert Mistrík, initially a front-runner who withdrew from the race and endorsed her.
In a press conference held on 29 March 2018, Čaputová announced her bid for the Slovak presidency in the 2019 presidential race, having been endorsed by Progressive Slovakia along with SaS and SPOLU, after her main opponent, Robert Mistrík, withdrew from the race and endorsed her on 26 February 2019.

Čaputová won the first round of the election on 16 March 2019, with 40.57% of the vote. She then defeated her second-place opponent, Maroš Šefčovič, by around 58% to 42% in the second run-off round on 30 March 2019.

The second-round turnout of just 41.79% was the lowest for any round of voting in that type of election in Slovakia. The number of votes with which Čaputová was elected to office was also the lowest for any directly elected Slovakian president to date.

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