200 Business Opportunities for Sustainability and Nigeria Economic Growth | Felix Omoko Blog

Business opportunities available for both the skilled and the unskilled through commitment for self-reliance and economic development of better days ahead.

This is a comprehensive list of business opportunities in technology, home services, education, finance, production and manufacturing.

The various categories of business that will be available in the year 2020 are Information/Internet, Production, Household, Agricultural, Oil & Gas, Maintenance.

Information Communication:

1. Point of Sales (POS) Services
2. Recharge Cards sales Distribution
3. Business Centre Corporate Services
4. Blogging business endeavour 
5. Info-graphics 


Sales of children clothes
Sales of children shoes
Cosmetics Business
Dry Cleaning Business
Bookshop Business
Envelope Making Business

Poultry Business
Fish pond business
Poultry and Pond Equipment
Fish feed production and distribution
Poultry feed distribution


- Taxi business initiative
- Fridge Repair
- Tiling services
- Bricklaying Services
- Engine Services

There are lots of opportunities for those who which to ventures into business and be ready to undertake the risk involved.

You are also required to undergo a training before venturing into any business to ascertain the risk level and financial discipline that are required to avoid equipping in the first few years of the business.