CAN Appeals for Immediate Release of Bishop Joseph Masin

The Christian Association of Nigeria has released a press statement demanding the release of its Chairman in Nasarawa State, Bishop Joseph Masin, who was kidnapped by gunmen, saying “Enough is enough.”

According to CAN's statement issued in Abuja Friday by its General Secretary, Joseph Daramola, called on the Federal and Nasarawa state governments to ensure the safety and immediate release of Masin.

He said, “Since we have no police of our own and we are trying as much as possible to avoid chaotic situations, we are placing a demand on the Federal Government and the Nasarawa State Government to ensure the safety and immediate release of Bishop Masin before it is too late.

“We will not accept losing another state chairman like we lost the late CAN Chairman, Rev. Lawan Andimi, in Adamawa State, who was gruesomely murdered by terrorists while our security agencies appeared powerless, helpless and de-robbed of their armour.

“It is disheartening, disappointing, and reprehensible, how terrorists, herdsmen, kidnappers and bandits have been operating in the country, killing and maiming innocent citizens unabated. This is totally unacceptable and demeaning to the prowess of this great country which is generally styled as the Giant of Africa.”