Be Assignment Focus & Vision Driven - Abioye

David Abioye
God measures you and your performance rating by your assignment. Your duty is the measuring stick of your performance. God does not rate you by somebody else’s duty. 
According to Bishop David Abioye of Living Faith Goshen Abuja, it does not make sense to compete with anyone or use someone as standard to determine your performance. Be assignment focus and vision driven.

Stick to your duty while you may be inspired and encouraged by others in the race. But never measure yourself by their results because you are differently assigned.

Remarkable Identity of Leaders
Qualitative leadership is identified by decisions. Many there be that make castigations and cast aspersion. Some make observation but only few make decisions. It is those who make decision that occupies the pinnacle. 

Decision makers are singled out for leadership. Decision means taking right steps. Excellent decision means taking right steps at the right time.

Decision makers usually leave others behind in their predicaments.  The beauty and glory of deliberation is decision.

Do not engage in any deliberation that will not culminate in decision. One decision is of much more value than volume of deliberations.

Uproot that Weed
Satan is free to suggest all manner of evil to your mind but he does not have the power to enforce them. If he did, he wouldn’t require your permission to do so. 

Evil imaginations only have the power to manifest in your life when you do nothing about them. Many people suffer all manner of calamities in life because they accepted the suggestions of satan to their minds. 

He goes to a student for instance and tells him, “Forget it, no matter how hard you read, you will fail this exams.” And the student remains cool, no reaction. So satan keeps establishing himself till his evil intention comes to pass.

Satan is not a man to deal with quietly, you have to give him fire for fire! Never allow his seed to get to the ground of your heart, cast it out before it has time to germinate. 

When a farmer sees weeds trying to grow around his crops, he immediately starts uprooting them. If you allow satan’s seed to grow, it will choke the word of God in your heart till the word becomes ineffective, and evil will begin to manifest around you. 

Whatever you don’t want to see grow in your life, as soon as satan suggests it to your mind, uproot it, cast it down!

Meditate on these: 2 Corinthians 4:4, Proverbs 4:23