Lagos APC Government bans PDP Jandor/Funke Ads on Billboard



The PDP leadership has called on the Lagos APC led government to review and revert its instruction given to billboard operators not to run advert for PDP Jandor and Funke.

The APC Sanwo-Olu government in Lagos has mandated all billboard operators not to run advert for the PDP governorship candidate in next year governorship election in the state.

INEC has affirmed the candidacy of Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran and Funke Akindele as governorship candidate and running mate respectively for the 2023 governorship election.

It is required of them by law to organise campaigns through any platform ahead of the election within the timeframe given by INEC.

As reported by FOB, the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in response says this instruction is totally wrong in a democratic government.

The statement was captured on the PDP twitter handle @PDPGovernment and it reads:


APC Led Lagos State Government has instructed BillBoard operatives not to run Jandor and Funke Ads, they also tear down posters wherever they find them.