Parents Evacuate Children At Abuja Schools After Terror Threat

Parents and guardians besieged the gates of notable unity school in Abuja to pick up their children and wards following a threat of terror attack within the Federal Capital Territory.

The message was sent on various social media platform and that has put pressure on parents and guardians to pick their children from school on Monday.

In part, the message reads;

For those of us in Abuja and for those of us that have relatives and friends in Abuja, also for anyone you know visiting Abuja.

There is a grand plan by the Boko Haram sect to carry out a terrible attack on Abuja that will be greater than Kuje prison attack!

I just got this from a top security chief this night!

The DSS and other security network has been placed on red alert! Some of them that were off for the day and week have been called back!

Please watch your movement and tell someone you know to stay alert! we are in dangerous times in our country! Stay safe!

Parents and guardians are calling on the government to wake up to the current security challenges and save our country from these unscrupulous set of people.