2023: Mark Essien says Many Nigerians are Supporting Tinubu for Financial Reward

Mark Essien
Mark Essien is a Nigerian entrepreneur who has aired his political view on the 2023 General Elections, particularly the Presidential election.

Essien has made it clear on the 2023 All progressive Congress (APC) Presidential flag bearer, Ahmed Bola Tinubu that many Nigerians are following him because of what they will benefit from him financially.

He goes to speaks about his age, that Bola Tinubu is too old to be Nigerian President come 2023.

Mark Essien made this clarification via his official Twitter handle @markessien and the statement reads:

Tinubu is too old to be president. Everyone knows it, but there is a class of people (many on this app) that expect to benefit financially from his presidency and support it for that reason.

Comments on his Twitter page also show that there are variables in the mind of Nigerians.

From all indications, you can possibly force everyone to follow the candidacy of one's individual.

According to INEC, there are more than five presidential candidates and each of them will have to campaign to will the votes of the electorates.

What people are after is not the propaganda, but the votes that count at last.

Every election, a winner must emerge. It may be your choice of candidate or not.