NYSC Cyber Cafe Registration Guidelines


The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC has introduced registration and accreditation process for Cyber Cafe Operators in Nigeria before registering prospective corps members.

FOB publishes the details of the registration and accreditation of Cyber Cafe Operators (CBO) which will enable them to carry out the registration of prospective corps members for the one year National Service.

Carefully follow the stages below and provide all necessary information before NYSC will issue permanent secret code to prospective Cyber Cafe Operator.

Objective of the Accreditation

  • To bring sanity in the NYSC online registration process.
  • To encourage Cyber Café operators to work as partners with the NYSC.
  • To weed out quacks amongst Cyber Café operators that perform online services for Prospective and serving Corps Members.
  • Ensure effective monitoring of Cyber Café operators through the creation of Database of Cyber Café Operators.
  • Promote error-free online registration for Prospective Corps Members

CBO Registration Process

  • Register on the NYSC CBO website as well as upload of requisite documents as stipulated by the Scheme for approval.
  • Issuance of provisional registration for successful Cyber Café Operators, pending inspection of company’s premises.
  • Inspection of Premises/Verification of documents.
  • Signing and submission of the Cyber Café Operators Agreement.
  • Issuance of Certificate by NYSC to accredited Cyber Café Operators.
  • Monitoring of accredited Cyber Café operators.

Registration Fees

  • Expression-of-Interest fee - N5,000.
  • New Registration fee - N20,000.00.
  • Annual Renewal of Accreditation fee - N16,000.00

Note: Cyber Café Operators (CBO) are NOT to charge more than Two Thousand (N2,000.00) Naira for services rendered to Prospective Corps members (both Nigerian and Foreign-trained).

CBO Capacity Building

The NYSC will provide periodic training for accredited CBOs to educate them on new features on the NYSC Integrated System (NIS) platform.

Benefits to CBO

  • New business opportunities.
  • Partnership with NYSC.
  • Access to Technical Support from the NYSC.
  • Periodic Training by the NYSC.

Follow the Stages in the Accreditation Process

The CBO Accreditation process is in stages which must be followed sequentially.
  1. Registration/Application CBO
  2. Approval of Application NYSC
  3. Payment of New Registration fee CBO
  4. Download/Signing/Submission of Agreement CBO/NYSC
  5. Approved CBO Access Code (Temporary) NYSC
  6. Inspection of Premises NYSC
  7. Issuance of Certificate NYSC
  8. Renewal of Accreditation (Annually) CBO

STAGE 1 - Registration/Application
Interested Cyber Café Operators (CBOs) are to visit the NYSC CBO Registration page and provide details about their organization, and make payment of non-refundable Expression-of-Interest (EOI) Fee of Five thousand (N5,000). The following information are to be provided;

  • Name of Business Owner
  • Name of Business
  • CAC Registration number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • CAC Certificate (upload)
  • Address of Cybercafé
  • e-mail Address
  • Phone number
  • Photo of Business Centre (Interior) (upload)
  • State
  • Local Government Area
  • Town

Interested Cyber Café Operators (CBOs) are to visit the NYSC CBO Registration page and provide details about their organization, and make payment of non-refundable Expression-of-Interest (EOI) Fee of Five thousand (N5,000). The following information are to be provided;

STAGE 2 - Approval of Application
NYSC reviews all applications (information and uploaded documents) submitted and approve or disapprove accordingly.

Approved Application
CBO with successful application receives email text “Congratulations, your Application is successful”. This is followed with further instructions for next line of action.

Disapproved/Approved Application
CBO with unsuccessful application will also receive an email stating reason for disapproval.

STAGE 3 - Payment for New Registration page
CBO makes payment of New Registration Fee of Twenty (N20,000) Naira via Remita as a newly registered and accredited CBO. Access will also be provided to print “Confirmation of Successful Payment” or a Copy send to email address.

STAGE 4 - CBO Agreement Submission
CBO download, print, sign and submit the NYSC CBO Agreement (Two copies) at NYSC State Secretariat where company resides, while NYSC State Coordinator sign on behalf of the NYSC.

On notifying the NYSC Directorate Headquarters of submission of agreement, CBO receives Temporary Access Code as well as link to operate on the NYSC registration portal. The access code will expire after three (3) months, during which Inspection of company premises will be conducted and subsequently issuance Certificate.

STAGE 5 – Approved CBO Access Code
Afterwards, Permanent Access Code will be issued to enable operation on the NYSC portal for a period of One (1) Year.

STAGE 6 – CBO Premises Inspection
At the commencement of the NYSC CBO Accreditation Project, a time table will be published for inspection of all successfully registered CBOs. Afterwards, Inspection will be scheduled quarterly

STAGE 7 – Issuance of Accreditation Certificate
NYSC will produce an Accreditation Certificate and send it via email to all successful registered and fully accredited CBO. The Date of renewal of Accreditation is one (1) year after it is issued.

For further enquiry, please send email to cbo@nysc.gov.ng or WhatsApp message to +2349010008301

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