How to Make N120,000 Monthly Playing WHG Games


WHG Online Business

Williams Hill Group (WHG) is an international gaming company licensed to operate online game in the United Kingdom with monthly income of N120,000 for effective members using the promo code 269938.

WHG Nigeria was launched in 2022 and in less than 10 months, members are now streaming in multiple source of income through the WHG reward system.

For details about registration, account activation, recharge and tips, use this link: WHG Nigeria

WHG Games

Registered members who are active in the daily game participation can boost of making around N120,000 per month. WHG will roll out about 4 games a day and members are expected to participate and make profit estimated for each game.

WHG is not the conventional game prediction called betting; it is a must-win game series where your capital is always secured. If WHG win per game; they pays capital + profit; but if they lose, WHG pays only capital.

You're to follow their recommended games per day, else you venture into gambling aspect of the platform.

Your task as a member is to click and check back after 2 hours after the game has ended.

How to Make N120,000 Monthly

You can double and triple your source of income using the WHG football club. WHG platform was designed to meet modern gaming category where members investment is saved.

WHG uses the Turntable Game to increase your chances of double your capital. The higher your capital, the higher your profit per games.

Follow the steps below to increase your capital and earning base in the WHG game series.

  • Register and become effective/active member
  • Start with reasonable deposit. N10k, N20k, N30K, N50K, etc.
  • Update your banking details under the My Icon
  • Participate in the daily game to know your profit margin per game.
  • Take advantage of the Turntable SPIN reward and pay the prescribe amount if you're given the chances.
  • Turnable Game alone can double your N10 to N20k or N20k to N40k with a day. The system gives 800 million every day to 2000 members.
  • Continue in the daily game series and never miss out.
  • Use the hsitorical icon to determine the profit so far.

- You can withdraw your money periodical between 10am and 10pm daily. 
- Ensure your shuffle is reading zero before making withdrawal.
- Only play the recommended daily games to avoid loosing your money.
- All available games are NOT from WHG, but from global game category.

For details about Using the promotional Code 269938: How to Register & Use the Promo Code.

Register for the WHG club and make N120,000 monthly using 269938 as promotional code to advance your multiple source of income as you play games.

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