Polling Units in Gwarimpa Ward FCT Abuja


Gwarimpa Ward

The Polling Units in Gwarimpa ward under the Abuja Municipal Council, AMAC of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

There are 199 polling units in Gwarimpa ward comprising of Life Camp, Gwarimpa village, Jahi village, Mabushi, Kado, Katampe, Gwarimpa estate area of the FCT Abuja  - Nigeria as registered by INEC.

List of Polling Units in Gwarimpa Ward Abuja

  1. Life Camp/Gate I Minister's Gate
  2. Life Camp Ii/Market Gate Life Camp
  3. Life Camp Ii/Market Gate Life Camp
  4. Life Camp Iii/Gss. Life Camp
  5. Gwarinpa Village/Gwarinpa Pri. School
  6. Kado Estate/Kado Estate I
  7. Kado Estate Ii/Kado Housing Estate
  8. Jayi Village/ Jayi Villlage Centre
  9. Jayi Fulani / Jayi Fulani Express Villlage Centre
  10. Mabushi/Mabushi Pri. School
  11. Mabushi/Mabushi Pri. School
  12. Utako/Utako Village Centre
  13. Galadima/Galadima Villlage Centre
  14. Jabi Sarki/Jabi Pri. School
  15. Jabi Maje/Jabi Pri. School
  16. Kado Village I/Kado Opp. Life Camp
  17. Kado Village Ii/Kado Raya Ung.
  18. Karon-Majigi/Karon-Majigi Pri. School
  19. Kado-Kauchi/ Kado-Kauchi Village Centre
  20. Kuchigoro/Kuchigoro Pri. Sch.
  21. Piwoyi / Piwoyi Pri. Sch.
  22. Finance Qtr's/ Min. Of Finance Qtrs Gate
  23. Gwarinpa/Gwarinpa Estate I (Federal Staff Clinic)
  24. Gwarinpa/Gwarinpa Estate Ii (Gishiri)
  25. Besides Berger Clinic
  26. By Ministers Gate Car Park
  27. Opp. Catholic Church, Life Camp
  28. Magistrate Court, Life Camp
  29. Besides JC Best Schools Int'l
  30. Aprofin Gate
  31. By Lifecamp Mosque Gate
  32. Near The Trem Church
  33. Life Camp Berger Gate
  34. Old National Assembly Quarters
  35. Opp. Police Station, Life Camp
  36. Opp. Hospital Gate, Life Camp
  37. Gss Staff Quarter Road
  38. Gss, Primary School
  39. Gss Pri. Sch. Opp. Head Teachers Blk.
  40. Gss Opp. Admin Block
  41. Gss Opp. Mosque
  42. Mbora Citec Gate
  43. Mbora Citec Estate
  44. Dan Munde Estate
  45. Kings Court Estate
  46. Fountian Estate I
  47. Citec Mbora Estate
  48. Junior Sec. Sch. Block
  49. Senior Sec. Sch. Block
  50. Primary School Block
  51. Staff Qtrs Block
  52. Besides Hill Side Estate, Gwarinpa
  53. Besides Oando Filling Station Opp. Polo Club
  54. War College Gate
  55. Gwarinpa Village Playground
  56. Head Teachers Block
  57. By Aedc Payment Office
  58. Opp. Upland Mall By Conoil Filling Station
  59. Besides Conoil Filling Station
  60. Opp. The Estate Gate (Mango Tree)
  61. 73 Oluwumi A. O Crescent
  62. By Fruit Market
  63. Lea Primary School Head Teachers Block
  64. Gbagyi Dancing Ground
  65. Eid Prayer Ground
  66. Entrance To The Eid Prayer Ground
  67. By Bore Hole, (Mango Tree)
  68. Around Adover School
  69. Anwalu Communication
  70. Umbrella Market, Jayi
  71. Gil More Junction Express
  72. Mabushi Pri. Sch. Jss Block
  73. Besides Vio Office Mabushi
  74. Opp. Alibet, Kuwa Oyenyi Street
  75. Trinitate International Sch.
  76. Mabushi / Mabushi Primary School
  77. Geo Gratias Schools, Mabushi Abuja
  78. Before Paradise Hotel, Mabushi
  79. Cosgrove Smart Estate,Mabushi
  80. Utako Primary School I
  81. Utako Primary School Ii
  82. Digital Bridge Institute
  83. Close To Utako Police Station
  84. Before Utako Police Station
  85. Opposite Total Filling Station Utako
  86. Besides Nhis Office, Utako
  87. Opposite Debetly Hotel, Utako
  88. Green Minds Hotel Utako
  89. Galadima Primary School I
  90. Galadima Primary School Ii
  91. T-Junction Between Galadima And Lungu
  92. After Charly Boy Corner Shop
  93. Beside Azma Filling Station
  94. Gwarinpa Estate
  95. Model City Gate I
  96. Model City Gate Ii
  97. Opposite B. Close Model City Gate
  98. Beside B. Close Model City Gate
  99. Opposite 69th Road, Model City Gate
  100. Opposite All Purp Pharmacy And Supe Rmarket
  101. Citec Villa Gate
  102. Mab Global Estate
  103. Queens Estate
  104. Karsana Estate
  105. Jabi Primary School I
  106. Jabi Primary School Ii
  107. Jabi Primary School Iii
  108. Jabi Primary School Iv
  109. Jabi Primary School V
  110. Jabi Village,Jabi
  111. Jabi Jun. Sec. Sch. After Chida Hotel
  112. Jabi Jun. Sec. Sch. After Chida Hotel I
  113. Jabi Jun. Sec. Sch. After Chida Hotel Ii
  114. School For The Blind, Jabi
  115. Kpana Village Jabi
  116. Masalachi Road, Jabi
  117. Jabi Upstairs I
  118. Jabi Upstairs Ii
  119. Daki Biu Village, Jabi I
  120. Daki Biu Village, Jabi Ii
  121. Kado Village I Life Camp
  122. Kado Village Ii Life Camp
  123. Kado Village Iii Life Camp
  124. Kado Village Iv Life Camp
  125. Lea Primary School Kado Village
  126. L.E.A Pri. Sch. Kado Village Life Camp
  127. L.E.A Pri. Sch. Kado Village Life Camp
  128. Efab Estate Road
  129. Ungwan Leather
  130. Besides Lento Alluminium
  131. Efab Estate Kado Village / Kado Raya Angwa
  132. Efab Police Station
  133. Efab Estate Police Station
  134. Efab International School Efab Estate
  135. Efab Police Station
  136. Efab Police Station
  137. Efab International School, Efab Estate
  138. Dape
  139. Dape Villiage
  140. Tiv Settlement (Along Railway)
  141. Karon-Majigi Primary School I
  142. Karon-Majigi Primary School Ii
  143. Karon-Majigi Primary School Iii
  144. Karon-Majigi Primary School Iv
  145. Karon-Majigi Disabled Community
  146. Karon-Majigi Primary School V
  147. Opposite Jostos Hotel
  148. Lea Primary School Kado Kuchi
  149. Beside Next Cash And Carry Gate
  150. Kuchigoro Primary School
  151. Kuchigoro Primary School
  152. Kuchigoro Primary School
  153. Community Bore Hole
  154. Women Center Kuchigoro
  155. Kuchigoro/Vcg Sss Qtrs
  156. Piwoyi Primary School I
  157. Piwoyi Primary School Ii
  158. Piwoyi Primary School Iii
  159. Piwoyi Primary School Iv
  160. Finance Quarters Wuye
  161. Finance Quarters
  162. Wuye Police Station
  163. Wuye Market
  164. Jasper Foundation Academy
  165. Finance Quarters, Alfa Estate
  166. Alfa Estate Gate
  167. Setraco Gate By Fed. Staff Hosp. Gwarinpa
  168. Federal Staff Hospital By Setraco Gate
  169. Setraco Gate I
  170. Setraco Gate Ii
  171. Setraco Gate Iii
  172. Setraco Gate Iv
  173. Before Juda Oil By Setraco Gate
  174. After Oando Filling Station, 1st Avenue
  175. Federal Staff Clinic
  176. Gwarinpa Estate I / Kado Bimko Lea Pri. Sch.
  177. Kado Bimko Primary School I
  178. Kado Bimko Primary School Ii
  179. Kado Bimko Primary School Iii
  180. Kado Bimko Primary School Iv
  181. Opposite Diamond/Access Bank, Kado Bimko
  182. Kado Bimko Market
  183. Gwarinpa Estate Primary School I
  184. Gwarinpa Estate Primary School Ii
  185. Gwarinpa Estate Primary School Iii
  186. Tipper Garage I
  187. Tipper Garage Ii
  188. Opposite Federal Road Safety Corp Med. Cent
  189. Gwarinpa Estate 11 (Tipper Garage,3rd Avenue)
  190. By Old Catholic Church
  191. Beside H.O.S Orphanage
  192. Along Gishiri Road Besides The Estate
  193. Gwarinpa Estate Ii (Gishiri Village)
  194. By Hotel Two Two Hudnred
  195. Along Charity Academy Road
  196. Katampe Estate
  197. Gishiri Estate
  198. By Nicon Junction
  199. Festruit Estate

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  1. Please do you have the addresses of these polling units. Some names are not clear enough. E,g. Staff Qtrs Block. Which of them? IS it Min of Finance or Works and Housing? or "By Borehole" which borehole? Confusion o por.


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