Polling Units in Karu Ward FCT Abuja

Karu Abuja

Karu Abuja polling units comprises of the following areas; Ung Pashe, Karu village, Jikwoyi, Kugbo of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Abuja.

There are about 120 polling units in karu ward under the Abuja Municipal Area Council as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

List of Polling Units in Karu Ward FCT Abuja

  1. Ung. Pashe I /Central Primary Sch.
  2. Ung. Pashe I / B. T. S. Karu
  3. Ung. Pashe / Agricultural Ext. Office
  4. Ung. Ginar / Health Centre
  5. Ung. Hausawa I / Karu Village Junction
  6. Ung. Hausawa Ii / Old Market Square
  7. Ung. Hausawa Iii / After Salasi Rd. Junction
  8. Karu Site I/ Min. Of Idus Qrts
  9. Karu Site Ii/ Old Nepa Office Junction
  10. Karu Site Iib / Near Area Court
  11. Karu Site Ii (F. H. A.) ( Customs Quarters)
  12. Karu Site Iv /Cbn Qrts Junction Karshi Junction I
  13. Karu Site Iv /Cbn Qrts Junction Karshi Junction Ii
  14. Jikoyi/Jikoyi Pri. Sch.
  15. Jikoyi Ii/Jikoyi Tokka Village
  16. Jikoyi/Ung. Gade
  17. Jikoyi/Jikwoyi Phase Iii
  18. Ung Pashe/Central Primary Sch I
  19. Ung Pashe/Central Primary Sch Ii
  20. Ung Pashe/Central Primary School Iii
  21. Ung Pashe/Central Primary School Iv
  22. Ung Pashe /Kofar Gidan Sarki
  23. Ung Pashe/Beside Junior Secondary School
  24. Ung Pashe Ii/B.T.S. Karu
  25. Ung Pashe By Transformer Junction
  26. Ung Hausawa Women Center Katampe
  27. Ung Pashe/Opp Ecwa Comprehensive Medical Centre
  28. Ung Pashe/Viewing Centre By Karu Market Junction
  29. Ugn Pashe/Beside Ecwa Comprehensive Medical Centre
  30. Ung Pashe/Front Of Lock-Up Shops Near Ecwa Church
  31. Court Road Opp Upper Area Court Karu
  32. Karu Village/Along City College Road
  33. Along City College Road Beside Health Centre
  34. Ung Ginar By Police Out Post
  35. Ung Ginar/Front Of Baptist Academy Abattoir Road Karu
  36. Ung Ginar/Old Chief Palace Under Mango Tree
  37. Behind Upper Area Court Karu Village
  38. Front Of Karu Primary Health Care Centre
  39. Opp Faith Link Global Pharmacy Old Karu Road
  40. Karu Behind Yepwi Galadima House Old Karu Road
  41. Front Of Lock-Up Shops Opp Ecwa Church Old Karu Road
  42. Ware House Opp Ecwa Theological College
  43. Ung. Hausawa Ii/House C18
  44. Back Of Ung. Tiv
  45. Back Of Ugo West By Deeper Life Church
  46. Ung.Hausawa By Concord House
  47. Ung. Hausawa By Viewing Centre
  48. Salasi By Post Office Karu
  49. Opp. Lock Up Shops Near Salasi Hospital Road
  50. Opp. Redeemer Nursery/Primary School Karu
  51. Lona Hospital Junction Opp Spinel Int Academy School Karu
  52. Karu Site Beside C Way Distribution Office
  53. Karu Site I/Opp. Hendon College Noble Height Street Karu
  54. Mountain Of Fire Rd Behind Nnpc Filling Station Karu
  55. Karu Site Ministry Of Industry Opp Furnishing Centre
  56. Karu Site Ministry Of Industry/ Under Mango Tree
  57. Karu Site Ii Beside Lead Preparatory Hall School
  58. Karu Site Ii Richard Egbule Close
  59. Karu Site Ii Opposite Glory International School
  60. Karu Site Ii Kamsi Close Near Yoruba Mosque
  61. Karu Site Ii Beside New Nepa
  62. Karu Site Ii Agric Qrts.
  63. Kugbo/Kofar Sarki Kugbo
  64. Kugbo Primary School
  65. Kugbo Mechanic Village Beside Suveray Filling Station
  66. Karu Site Ii B/By El-Rufai Motor Park
  67. Karu Site Ii B/Opp Primus International Hospital
  68. Karu Site Ii B/ By Prezon Hotel
  69. Karu Site Ii B/ Opp Margaret Thelma International School
  70. Karu Site Ii B/ Back Of Children's Home
  71. Corner Shops Beside Redeem Church Karu Site
  72. Supreme Court Quarters Junction F.H.A. Karu
  73. Beside Custom, Close To Abuja Clinic
  74. Boko Mohammed Street Junction Beside Sss Qrts F.H.A. Karu
  75. River Street By Treasure Orphanage Home F.H.A. Karu
  76. Karu Village By Magistrate Court Kyeyidna By Canaan Side
  77. Karu Site Iv/By Itsekiri Way Junction
  78. Karu Site Iv/F.H.A. By Shalom Children Academy
  79. Henry Chukwuedo Street Hayatul Islamic School F.H.A. Karu
  80. Karu F.H.A. Phase Ii By Block Industry
  81. Karu F.H.A. Phase Ii By Michael Effiong Rd Junction
  82. Karu F.H.A. Phase Ii Front Of Bristol Academy
  83. Karu F.H.A. By Fepa Qrts
  84. Karu Site Iv/Beside Nuc Qrts
  85. Karu /Rocky Base Estate Along Karshi Road
  86. Cbn Junction/Beside Aym Shafer Filling Station Karshi Road
  87. Jikwoyi/Jikwoyi Primary School 1
  88. Jikwoyi/Jikwoyi Primary School Ii
  89. Jikwoyi/Jikwoyi Primary School Iii
  90. Jikwoyi/Esu Palace Phase 1
  91. Jikwoyi/Pemi By Police Out Post Phase 4
  92. Jikwoyi Cherry Field Road
  93. Sada Cruz Road/Opp Sisters Of Nativity Hospital Jikwoyi
  94. Pugye By Buyi By Mango Tree/God Of Elijah Road
  95. Jikwoyi/Jikwoyi District Head Palace
  96. Jikwoyi/Yoruba Quarters Opp. Sambless Clinic
  97. Jikwoyi/Gagadnapna By Proposed Chief Palace
  98. Sss Staff Quarters Znubwoyi Jikwoyi
  99. Jikwoyi/Siwyipe By Prayer Road Transformer
  100. Jikwoyi/Muamuape Peshe
  101. Jikwoyi/Kninbuyi Phase Ii Extension By Kingswill Int. School
  102. Jikwoyi/Avigo By Transformer By Flora Home International School, Phase Ii Extension
  103. Jikwoyi/Jikwoyi Ii Tokko Village By Volley Ball Court
  104. Jikwoyi Gagadnakma New Extension
  105. Jikwoyi Ung. Gade Oshiba Street T-Junction
  106. Jikwoyi Ung. Gade/Nepa Office
  107. Jikwoyi Ung. Gade Extension / Aso Garden
  108. Jikwoyi Ung Gade/Old Jikwoyi Guest House
  109. Jikwoyi/Jikwoyi Mai-Ungwa Phase Iii
  110. Jikwoyi/Zhibugna Behind Glorious Academy
  111. Jikwoyi/Dakachi Palace Tokka
  112. Jikwoyi Alabai/Opp Jip Heritage Acadmey Phase Iii
  113. Jikwoyi Phase Ii Opp. Model Learning Centre
  114. Jikwoyi Dagbanawoyi By Transformer
  115. Jikwoyi Dagbanwoyi /Lea Primary School
  116. Jikwoyi Dajowokuchi Dagbanawoyi By Government Model Secondary School
  117. Kakpa By Rapha Hospital, Jikwoyi Phase Iii
  118. Jikwoyi/Dagbanape/ Fine Trust
  119. Jikwoyi/Gadna By Deeper Life Phase 4 Beside Smartminds Success Academy
  120. Jikwoyi Ext. Phase 1 By Zion Clinic Opp. Strong Foundation Academy

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