Polling Units in Nyanya Ward FCT Abuja


Nyanya Abuja

There are over 100 polling units in Nyanya ward of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Nyanya Polling Units comprises of Nyanya Area 1, Mami Market, Gbagalape, Area D, Kofar Sarki village, Area A extension and Federal Housing Estate.

List of Polling Units in Nyanya Ward

  1. Area A1/Infront Of Plot 8 & 9 Area A
  2. Area Aii/Mkt.Sqr.Opp Plot 4
  3. Area Aiii/Infront Of Plot 30
  4. Area Aiv/At The Back Of Plot 33
  5. Area B/Opp. Health Centre
  6. Area Ci/At The Back Of Plot 134
  7. Area Cii/At The Back Of Plot 125
  8. Area Di/Central Pri. School
  9. Area D Ii/Central Pri. School Ii
  10. Area Ei/ At The Back Of Plot 109
  11. Area Eii/Ung. Bawa Pri. Sch.
  12. Area E Ii/Road Junction Mami Mkt.
  13. Area E Ii / Road Junction Mami Market Ii
  14. Arae Fi/ (V.I.O) F.C.D.A. Office
  15. Ung.Bawa/Ung. Bawa Pri. School
  16. Ung. Bawa /Ung. Bawanyanya Village
  17. Ung.Bawa/Ung. Bawanyanya Village Ii
  18. Nyaya Village/Kofar Sarki
  19. Nyaya Village Ii/Ung. Hausawa
  20. F.H.A./F.H.A. Along Nyaya 2 Karu Rd.
  21. Gbagalape/Gbagalape Village Centre
  22. Sogodom Hotel By Police Station
  23. Opp. Redeem Church By Mrt Junction
  24. Nyanya Market Junction By Redeem
  25. Market Sqr Opp. Plot 4
  26. Area A 11 Market Junction By Aubit Hotel
  27. Nze Sylvester Amazu Street Morning Star Hotel
  28. Area Iii Opp. Resurrected Assembly
  29. Area A Iii / By Second Road Junction
  30. Area A Iii By New Gaskiya Phamarcy & Supreme
  31. Area Aiv Back Of Plot 33
  32. Area Aiv By Last Road Junction
  33. Area Aiv By Nothing Pass God
  34. Area Aiv Under Mango Tree
  35. Area B/Opp General Hospital Nyanya
  36. Area B Beside Naza Pharmacy
  37. Area B Behind Central Primary School Hospital Road
  38. Area 'B' Nyanya Hospital Road
  39. Area 'B' Before Mopol Quarter Guard Junction
  40. Area C I, By Yoruba Mosque
  41. Area Ci/Opp. Nyanya Neighbourhood Centre
  42. Area Ci / By Living Faith Church
  43. Area C1 Angwandadi By Police Station
  44. Area Ci / Angwandadi Okada Junction
  45. Area Cii / Beside Mopol Quarter Guard
  46. Area Cii By Diato Hotel Road
  47. Area Cii / Front Of Lock Up Shops
  48. Area Cii/Opp. Viewing Centre
  49. Area Cii / Area C Market By Borehole
  50. Area Di / Central Primary School I
  51. Area Dii / Central Primary School Ii
  52. Area Di / Central Primary School Iii
  53. Area Dii / Central Primary School Iii
  54. Area Dii / Central Primary School Iv
  55. Area Dii / Central Primary School V.
  56. Area Dii / Central Primary School Vi
  57. Area Ei/Opp. Emvee Guest House
  58. Area Ei/Area D. Junction
  59. Area Ei / Beside Mopol 21
  60. Area Eii / Ung. Bawa Pri. Sch
  61. Area Eii / Ung. Bawa Pri. Sch Ii
  62. Area Ii / Road Junction Mami Market Along Gss Road
  63. Area Ii / Road Junction Ii Front Of Gss
  64. Area Ii / Road Junction Iii Front Of Gss
  65. Area Ii / By Road Junction Beside Police Station
  66. Mami Market Iii Road Junction
  67. Area Ii Road Junction Mami Market Iv
  68. Area Ii Road Junction Mami Market V
  69. Area Fi/V.I.O Road Front Of Blessed Ikd
  70. Area Fi /Vio Fcda Road Ii Opp. Christian Family Church
  71. Area Fi / Vio Fcda Road Iii
  72. Area Fi/Vio Fcda Road Opp. S.S Peter & Paul
  73. Ung Bawa/Ung. Bawa Primary School I
  74. Ung. Bawa/Ung. Bawa Pri. Sch Ii
  75. Ung. Bawa/Ung. Bawa Pri. Sch Iii
  76. Ung Bawa Police Post
  77. Ung. Bawa Fha Extension
  78. Ung. Bawa Infront Of Vetinery Clinic
  79. Ung. Bawa Powa Plaza
  80. Ung Bawa/Opp Bawa Pri Sch
  81. Ung. Bawa/Opp. Nyanya Plaza
  82. Ung. Bawa/Keffi Motor Park
  83. Nyanya Village Kofar Sarki
  84. Nyanya Village /Kofar Sarki Ii
  85. Nyanya Village/Kofar Sarki Iii
  86. Nyanya Village /Ung. Hausawa Lea Pri. Sch
  87. Nyanya Village /Ung. Hausawa Lea Pri Sch Ii
  88. Nyanya Village /Ung. Hausawa Lea Pri Sch Iii
  89. Nyanya Village /Ung. Hausawa
  90. Nyanya Village /Ung. Hausawa Lea Pri Sch
  91. Ung. Bawa/Kofar Sarki
  92. Ung. Bawa/Close To Mosque
  93. Area 'A' Extension
  94. Fha/Fha Small Market Junction
  95. Fha/Opp. Glass Mosque
  96. Fha / Road Dt Junction
  97. Fha/Nta Quarters Junction By Brighter Star Academy
  98. Fha / Opp. Ahava Int Bilingual Academy
  99. Federal Housing Estate Nyanya 1
  100. Federal Housing Estate Ii
  101. Federal Housing Estate Iii
  102. Gbagalape/Gbagalape Village Centre 1
  103. Gbagalape Village Centre Ii
  104. Gbagalape Village Centre Iii Hiltop Near Borehole
  105. Gbagalape Village Centre Iv Near Ecwa Church
  106. Gbagalape Village Centre V, Opp. Mountain Of Fire Church
  107. Gbagalape/Gbagalape Village Ii
  108. Gbagalape/Gbagalape Village Centre Iii
  109. Gbagalape/Gbagalape Village Centre Iv
  110. Gbagalape Catholic Church Junction

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