Polling Units & Wards in Ethiope West LGA


Ethiope West LGA Nigeria

The polling units in
Mosogar I – II, Jesse I -iv, Oghara I – v wards in Ethiope West LGA of Delta State – Nigeria.

There are 11 wards in
Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State Comprising of over 200 polling units registered by INEC.

 Wards And Collation Centres

  1.  Mosogar 1 – Mosogar Primary School
  2. Mosogar Ii – Evwenogbor Primary School
  3. Jesse I – Jesse Town Hall
  4. Jesse Ii – Irhodo Primary School
  5. Jesse Iii – Okuodibo Primary School
  6. Jesse Iv – Onyobru Primary School
  7. Oghara I – Okume Primary School
  8. Oghara Ii – Oburhie Primary School
  9. Oghara Iii – Uduaka Primary School
  10. Oghara Iv – Uduaka Primary School
  11. Oghara V – Okumemu Primary School


List of Polling
Units in Ethiope West LGA

Mosogar 1 – 18 Polling Units

  1.  Mosogar I/Primary School Mosogar I
  2. Mosogar Ii/Primary School Mosogar Ii
  3. Ajatitor/Ajatitor Town Hall
  4. Benin Road/Maternity Centre
  5. Okuemore Road I/Mosogar Primary School
  6. Okuemore Road Ii/Mosogar Primary School
  7. Akpobome/Primary School Akpobome
  8. Idjekpokpo/Will Royal International College
  9. Mosogar Iii/Oguedion Town Hall
  10. Akpobome Ii/Akpobome Primary School
  11. Civic Centre By Amori Roundabout, Mosogar
  12. Sam-Ogbakpa Primary School, Mosogar
  13. Ugbede Community Hall, Mosogar
  14. Akadoro Community Hall, Mosogar
  15. Udurhie Secondary School, Mosogar
  16. Primary Health Care Centre, Mosogar
  17. Mosogar Secondary School, Mosogar
  18. Open Space – Ovie Palace Road By Triple X Junction

 Mosogar Ii – 13 Polling Units

  1. Okuegbapha/Open Space
  2. Evwonogbor I/ Evwonogbor Primary School
  3. Evwonogbor Ii/ Evwonogbor Primary School
  4. Ugbokpa I/ Evwonogbor Primary School
  5. Ugbokpa Ii/ Evwonogbor Primary School
  6. Ugbakele I/Ugbakele Primary School
  7. Ugbakele Ii/Ugbakele Primary School
  8. Akwodo/Around Baptist Church
  9. Oge Village/Open Space
  10. Akwodo Ii/Around Baptist Church
  11. Uduaka Secondary School Mosogar
  12. Government Secondary School Okuomore Mosogar
  13. Ighoyeta Secondary School Ugbokpa


Jesse I – 26 Polling Units

  1. Uduighe Quarters/Maternity
  2. Amagha Street/Idjerhe Primary School
  3. Umuku Road/Erhiekewole Idjerhe Primary School
  4. Uduaka Road/Broad Street Idjerhe Primary School
  5. Oguedion/Ukudejor Road Oguedion Hall
  6. College/L.A. Primary School
  7. Atiwor Road/Ovie Palace
  8. Atiwor Village I/Open Space
  9. Atiwor Village Ii/Open Space
  10. Okueka I/Open Space
  11. Okuode Ii/Open Space
  12. Jenesa I/Jenesa Primary School
  13. Jenesa Ii/Jenesa Primary School
  14. Jenesa Iii/Jenesa Primary School
  15. Idjeraka/Open Space
  16. Okuode Ii/Open Space
  17. I.C.D.U Hall Jesse
  18. I.C.E Jesse
  19. Atiwor Pri. Health Care Centre Jesse
  20. Atiwor Community Hall Jesse
  21. Uduighe Community Hall, Jesse
  22. Open Space By Sibel International Sch. Jesse
  23. Okueka Pri. Sch. Jesse
  24. Jesse Secondary Sch. Idjedaka Jesse
  25. Idjerhe Grammar School Jesse
  26. Ejenesan Community Hall Jesse

Jesse Ii – 20 Polling Units

  1. Ajavwini I/Ajavwini Primary School
  2. Ajavwini Ii/Ajavwini Primary School
  3. Ugbevwei I/Ajavwini Primary School
  4. Ugbevwei Ii/Ajavwini Primary School
  5. Fregene Quarters/Irhodo Primary School
  6. Aghalokpe Quarters/Irhodo Primary School
  7. Oyibo Quarters/Irhodo Primary School I
  8. Edese I/Edeje Primary School
  9. Okunigho/Emuesiri Primary School
  10. Ekroda/Ejera Primary School
  11. Okuno/Ejera Primary School
  12. Okuogbaye/Ejera Primary School
  13. Okwideniran/Ejera Primary School
  14. Edeje Ii/Edeje Primary School
  15. Tomianor Quarters/Open Space
  16. Aghalokpe Quarters Ii/Irhodo Primary School
  17. Oyibo Quarters Ii/Irhodo Primary School Ii
  18. Edeje Primary School I, Edeje-Jesse
  19. Edeje Primary School Ii, Edeje Jesse
  20. Okuno Town Hall Jesse


Jesse Iii – 14 Points

  1. Ovade I/Ovade Primary School
  2. Ovade Ii/Ovade Primary School
  3. Ugbomoya W.Side/Erhivwohwo Primary School
  4. Ajadoghor Ajikpotor/Erhivwohwo Primary School
  5. Ovwumugu/Erhivwohwo Primary School
  6. Otumara I/Otumara Town
  7. Otumara Ii/Otumara Town
  8. Okuodibo/Okuodibo Primary School
  9. Ugbomoya Inland I/Oromafuru Primary School
  10. Ugbomoya Inland Ii/Oromafuru Primary School
  11. Osoguo/Ufuoma Primary School
  12. Edjeketa/Ufuoma Primary School
  13. Okuisoko/Ejekeriada Village
  14. Edjeketa Ii/Ufuoma Primary School

 Jesse Iv – 12 Polling Units

  1. Onyobru Inland I/Onyobru Primary School
  2. Onyobru Inland Ii/Onyobru Primary School
  3. Onyobru Waterside I/Onyobru Primary School
  4. Onyobru Waterside Ii/Onyobru Primary School
  5. Udurhodo Quarters I/Oyovwi Primary School
  6. Udurhodo Quarters Ii/Oyovwi Primary School
  7. Udurhodo Quarters Iii/Oyovwi Primary School
  8. Uduaka Quarters I/Boboroku Secondary School
  9. Uduaka Quarters Ii/Boboroku Secondary School
  10. Uduaka Quarters Iii/Boboroku Secondary School
    Around Christ Gospel Church
  11. Uduaka Quarters Iv/ Around Christ Gospel Church
  12. Onyobru Secondary School, Onyobru-Jesse

 Oghara I – 28 Polling Units

  1. Sakpoba Road/Okuephapha/Round Tree/Benin Road Okume
    Primary School I
  2. Sakpoba Road/Okuephapha/Round Tree/Benin Road Okume
    Primary School Ii
  3. Ugbevwe/Okwighere/Okume Primary School
  4. Afrokpe Camp/Afrokpe Comp
  5. Pamol Camp/Pamol Comp
  6. Akon Camp/Omoja Camp Pamol Dispensary
  7. Omonicara/J.Thomas Camp J. Thomas Yard
  8. Ebrifo/Eyerekpokpor/Ebrifo
  9. Okurhie Primary Health Centre
  10. Ijomi/Ijomi Primary School
  11. Otefe I/Eyerekpokpo Primary Scholl
  12. A.T.P. /Eyerekpokpo Primary School
  13. Ebiughwerin Primary School
  14. Okuno /Okome Primary School
  15. Edjemoyavwe/Small Market
  16. Otefe Ii/Market Square
  17. Otefe Iii/Otefe Primary School
  18. A.T.P. Ii/Eyerekpokpo Primary School
  19. Primary Health Centre, Edjemuoyavwe, Oghara
  20. Water Board Edjemuvavwe, Oghara
  21. Ibori Civic Center By Electoral Institute
    Edjemuyavwe Oghara
  22. Edejemuoyavwe Town Hall Along Market Road Oghara
  23. Open Space, Old Benin Road By Jonathan Eghwere
    Villa Road Junction
  24. Open Space, Delta State University Teaching
    Hospital Main Gate Oghara
  25. Open Space, Delta State University Teaching
    Hospital 2nd Gate Oghara
  26. Ijomi Town Hall, Ijomi
  27. Open Space, Delta State Polytechnic Main Gate Otefe
  28. Otefe Primary School Otefe, Oghara

 Oghara Ii – 33 Polling Units

  1. Scot/Otorho/Okuemeva Road/Oghara Aja
  2. Scot/Oghara-Aja Road/Uherevie Primary School
  3. Scot/Court/Oghara-Aja Road I Oghara Town Hall
  4. Uherevie Primary School Junior, Ethiope West
    Primary School
  5. Itsekiri Quarters/Oburhie Primary School I
  6. Ajanesan Quarters/Ajanesan Primary School
  7. Rerri Street/Ebiuwheri – Ajanesan Primary School
  8. Uherevie Primary School (Snr) – Uherevie Primary
    School Snr
  9. Shrimp Quarters/Shrimp Road/Oburhie Primary School
  10. Omoja Quarters I/Oburhie Primary School
  11. Otorho/Ogini Road/Ogini Grammar School
  12. Scot/Court/Oghara-Aja Road Iii/Oghara T. Hall
  13. Okurho Road/Ufishe Quarters /Around Maranathan
  14. Omoja Quarters Ii/Omoja Hall
  15. Omoja Quarters Iii/Omoja Hall
  16. Itsekiri Quarters Ii/Oburhire Primary School Ii
  17. Open Space Bedc Sub Station, By Ibori Round About
  18. Ogini Grammar School New Building, Oghara
  19. Uduaghan Primary School, Oghara
  20. Ibori Pry School, Library Block, Oghara
  21. Ibori Pry School, Pry Six Block, Oghara
  22. I.C.E. Classroom Block, Oghara
  23. I.C.E Laboratory Block, Oghara
  24. NDDC Building, By Western Delta University
    Temporary Site, Oghara
  25. Ministry Of Works & Transport/Commerce,
    Okuemeva Road, Oghara
  26. Open Space, Scot Road Junction, Opp. Shrimp Road
    Junction, Oghara Aja Road
  27. Open Space, William Ibori Rd By Ogharefe Market,
  28. Open Space/Junction By Navy Logistics Headquarters,
  29. Open Space Shrimp Road By Obodoroku Road, Ogharefe
  30. Open Space Ogini Road By All St. Anglican Church
    Junction Omojah
  31. Open Space, Front Of High Court Of Justice Ogharefe
  32. Oghara District Customary Court, Ogharefe
  33. Ogharefe Primary Health Care Centre

Oghara Iii – Uduaka Primary School

  1. Ovie Palace/Uherevie Primary School
  2. Community Road/Ovie Saw Mill
  3. Aprra Quarters/Uherevie Primary School
  4. Otubu Quarters/Uherevie Primary School
  5. Ministry Of Agriculture & Natural Resources
    (Vet. Clinic)
  6. Open Space By Nepal Oil And Gas Company, Aja Raod,
    Igbimidaka Quarters
  7. John Holt Quarters/Uduaka Primary School
  8. Ofotokun Lane/Uduaka Primary School
  9. Oghareki Town Hall /Oghareki T.Hall
  10. Open Space, Ago Lane By Community Rd/Omafuvwe
  11. Oghareki Town/Oghareki T. Hall
  12. Aprra Quarters Ii Uherevie P/S (Snr)
  13. Open Space Front Of General Hospital Gate, Oghara
  14. Post Pri. Education Board Zonal Office, Oghara
  15. Oreki Secondary Sch. Oghara
  16. Oreki Secondary Sch. J.Ss 3 Block
  17. Oreki Primary School I
  18. Oreki Secondary School Ii
  19. Uduaka Pri. Sch. Oghareki

 Oghara Iv – Uduaka Primary School

  1. Mission Street/Udurhie Primary School
  2. Open Space By St. Paul Anglican Church Junction,
    Aja Rd.
  3. Opuoru Lane/Salt Mill Quarters/Oghareki Grammer
  4. Community Road/Oghareki Grammer School
  5. Arapa Street I /Udurhie Primary School
  6. Oghara Aja Road/Oghareki Grammar School
  7. Primary Health Care Centre I, Ajagbodudu
  8. Primary Health Care Centre Ii, Ajagbodudu
  9. Primary Health Care Centre, Open Space Ajagbodudu
  10. Urhobo Quarters I/Ajabodudu Primary School
  11. Urhobo Quarters Ii/Ajabodudu Primary School
  12. Urhobo Quarters Iii/Ajabodudu Primary School
  13. Ugbeku/Ugbeku Primary School
  14. Ugbenu/Ekuomagbe Primary School
  15. Arakpa Street Ii/Udurhie Primary School
  16. Ugbenu Ii/Ekuomagbe Primary School
  17. Oghareki Grammar School, Oghara
  18. Udurhie Primary School I, Oghara
  19. Udurhie Primary School Ii, Oghara
  20. Primary Health Care Centre, Oghareki
  21. Ekuomagbe Primary School, Ugbenu-Oghara


Oghara V – 16 Polling Units

  1. Otumara/Okumenu Primary School
  2. Adegboyerin I/Okumenu Primary School
  3. Obromudu/Otumara Primary School
  4. Ovade/Okuhevie Quarters/Onogborhe Primary School
  5. Okurode/Adjeketa Quarters I/Onogborhe Primary
  6. New Site/Onogbohe Primary School
  7. Onoghovo Community Town Hall By Water Board Tank
  8. Pan Ocean Camp/Ugbevwe/ Ekuomagba Primary School
  9. Adegboyerin Ii/Okumemu Primary School
  10. Okurode/Adjeketa Ii/Onogborhe Primary School
  11. Okumenu Primary School, Otumara Ii
  12. Ovade Town Hall I, Oghara
  13. Ovade Town Hall Ii, Oghara
  14. Ovade Clinic, Oghara
  15. Ovade Secondary School I, Oghara
  16. Ovade Secondary School Ii, Oghara

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