WHG Nigeria: Registration, Account Recharge, Withdrawal & Daily Game

WHG Nigeria

WHG is a gaming platform where members NEVER loose their capital, instead they make profits on daily basis depending on your membership category with the promotion code 269938.

WARNING: Online business is a scam. You can only enjoy it when it is still new!

The acronym WHG stands for Williams Hill Group. WHG is a leading football club game which is an alternative or advanced betting mechanism. In real betting, you loose your capital, but in WHG you earn back your capital if your loose the game.

WHG Nigeria is a franchise of WHG United Kingdom, fully registered in Nigeria with CAC Reg No: 1924691. It consists of the following games:

  • - Monkey Game 
  • - Spin Game 
  • - Betting Game -  .

Although WHG is a betting company, the purpose of the team is not to gamble, but adopt the must-win plan, that is what the company rolls out every day.

If WHG lose, they will refund the principal. If they win, they will send both the principal + profit. As long as we don’t gamble here, I can guarantee that no one will lose anything and be 100% profitable.

There are whole lot of things you need to understand before participating fully in this football club. Take time to understand application process, recharge and withdrawal methods, daily game participation and tasks.

Also, new members must understand the do's and don'ts in the game to avoid pitfalls. 

Ensure your install the 3 important Apps on your phone before your start.

  • WHG App
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Telegram
How to Install the WHG App

Use this link to install the application on your mobile phone:

Registration Procedures

  1. Use the link https://www.williamhillgroupx.com/index/login/add1/pid/269938 to register in a browser Or follow the steps below
  2. Open the app and click on Register
  3. Enter your choice of username (phone number)
  4. Enter your choice of password
  5. Enter Promo code: 269938
  6. Type the verification code number
  7. Click Register
NB: Your phone number becomes your membership number. After registration , you can fund your account with minimum of N3,000 & above.

Warning Tips

  • Avoid using nickname and unofficial names (Use your banking names)
  • Do not play the gamble aspect to avoid losing your capital. Always play the recommended game only.
  • Avoid using double or multiple accounts.
  • Participate in the daily games.
  • Ensure you always select whole during the game participation.
  • Never deposit all your life savings into WHG because of money.
  • Always check the daily game schedule to avoid missing out. The time varies per day.
Membership Categories

New users are classified as Bronze members and must play five games in a row to qualify for silver membership.

We have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond membership categories as well as star partners according to your level of commitment and referrals. Referral is a method of increasing the WHG network base and the system will always reward such individuals.

Benefits to Members

  • Members NEVER loose their capital. You can only lose your target profit per game, not the capital.
  • You can recharge and withdraw in your local currency.
  • You can decide to invest little money N3000 and watch your profit level graduation.
How to Update your Information
  • Account Update

    Use the Personal data under My Icon to modify your real name, bank name and account number to avoid problem during withdrawal.
  • Your choice of mobile banking app depends on the bank you are using. If don't have a mobile banking app. Download Opay from Playstore and register using your real name.

How to Recharge WHG Account
  • Login to your Account using your details
  • Click the My Icon on the right side
  • Select Recharge
  • Select Yeepay 1 (1k - 500)
  • Enter your real name as used in your bank
  • Enter Amount  & select "Send Recharge Appplication"
  • Copy the Account details as displayed (Acct Name, Accocunt no. & bank)
  • Minimum the page
  • Use mobile banking Apps to pay the person with the account information and screenshot your details
  • Return to the WHG App and select "I have paid".
  • Click to upload the payment screenshot
  • Exit and reopen the App
  • Click on Historical to confirm your details
NB: If there is delay in crediting your account. Kindly contact customer care @Kevinfuture on Telegram.


Members must participate upto five games before they can withdraw and your shuffle number must be zero (0). Use the My icon to check your account balance and shuffle number

How to Play the Daily Game
  • Use the WHG Icon to participate and see the daily game and time
  • Members can play 3 to 4 game daily
  • If your account is showing zero. You cannot play at that time.
  • Allow your balance to reflect before you play the next game
  • Always play the next game before it starts.
NB: Members with less N30k can only play 3 games per day.

How to Use the Spin Game (Turntable Game)
  • Lucky members can get automatic reward through the spin game.
  • Click the GO button and wait for the lucky prize.
  • If rewarded, kindly use it or give-up the reward.
  • Remember, you shuffle must be reading zero before you can withdraw.
  • But if you abandon the give-way reward, the system will reduce your chances of winning, especially the abandoned amount.
Must-Win Plan

WHG will release four must-win plans through the official channel every day. If the game loses, the principal will be fully refunded. If the game is won, the income + principal will be obtained, and the income will be 4%-6.5% per day.

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