WHG Registration Promo Code


WHG Promo Code

WHG (Williams Hill Group) is an international organisatiton that is involved in creating innovative business game opportunity with promo code: 269938 for Nigeria customers.

WHG Nigeria is a football club where your investment capital is NEVER lost, but always available for trading and re-investment while your profit increases on a daily basis. 

Every game is a must-win game and that is why members never lose their investment. You can lose your profit per day, but not the capital.

How to Register

The platform is available for both mobile and desktop users. New customers can use either of the following to register using their real information.

Mobile Apphttps://www.williamhillgroupx.com/dow/ldios.html

Desktop or browser addresshttps://williamshillgroup.com/h5/#/pages/login/register

The following personal data are required during registration:

  • 1. Mobile Number (234)
  • 2. Individual Password 
  • 3. Promo Code: 269938
  • 4. Verification Code - Available during registration.
NB: Keep your login details safe to avoid others tempering with your account.

Membership Guidelines

  1. Use your real information during registration.
  2. Use the my icon to modify your bank details and WhatsApp number
  3. Play the daily game to upgrade from bronze to silver membership
  4. Fund your account after registration adequately using the Recharge link
  5. Use the WHG icon to participate in the daily game
  6. Check the time for each game every day.
  7. Use the team menu to check your subordinate
  8. Bronzer members are not entitle to withdrawal
  9. Use the withdrawal (Bank Card) to withdraw
  10. Withdrawing is only posssible when your shuffle is reading zero (0)
  11. Use the trade icon to view current and past events
  12. Use the historical link to view account activities
  13. Withdrawal time is betweeb 10am and 10pm every day.
How to Use the Turntable Game (Spin)

The turntable spin game allow members to make extra cash if the spin (dial) fall luckily in your direction.

For instance, if you're given N10,000. The system will direct you on what to pay to get the reward. You can abandon the payment if you're not bouyant enough to meet the target by allowing to stay after five days.

Withdrawal is easy if you use your real information in your personal centre (My Icon). WHG gaming opportunity always keep your investment intact.

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