Crowd One Investment Scammers Account Details

Crowd one

Take note of the following mobile numbers and bank account being used as Crowd One Investment representatives for scamming Nigerians, especially in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt areas.

They are practically using other people names to scam people with the following account details.

Acct Number: 8141198072
Bank name: PALMPAY

Please, if you doubt what I am saying, kindly give it a trial by paying the prescribe amount of money with much expectation.

Even if crowdone is true, avoid using the above account name for payment. Instead try and let the person call you through video calls, if distant is a barrier.

They will never try video calls to avoid exposing their faces. Their messages and method of operations are very professional but with 100% lies undertone.

Scammers Phone Numbers:

  • 09043036749
  • 08164902721
  • 09167360127

These are pictures of innocent Nigerian family, scammers are using. They are not the actual people in the pictures. 

Crowd one fake picture

Crowd one

Crowd one
We urge African and Nigerians in particular to be mindful of online business they venture. Everything about online sales and investment is becoming scammy in nature.

Scammers Advocacy Project

More names and mobile phone numbers of Crowd one Investment will be added to the list as we discover more about them and equally report them to the appropriate security agency.

Be Warned!


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