Roles of Census Data Quality Manager (DQM)

2023 Census
Data Quality Manager (DQM) are officers assigned with the task of ensuring that census data collection process is smooth and the census data is correct, complete and consistent with the principles of the census.

The Roles of Data Quality Managers

  1. Collaborating with Census trainers and Comptrollers in the LGA for successful functionaries for profiling and EA Assignment.
  2. Distribution of EA assignment areas to enumerators through the Census Message Portal.
  3. Sending of EA assignments to enumerators and supervisors.
  4. Validating of Enumeration Area data after listing.
  5. Checking for data completeness and consistencies during enumeration.
  6. Liaising with field coordinators and Data Quality Assistants for ground truthing activities.
  7. Responsible to the State Census Coordinators.
  8. Liaises with the Comptroller for logistics management of PDAs.
  9. Provide technical backstop on the functionality of the PDA to the enumerator.
  10. To liaise with the Field Supervisors in ensuring that the rules and procedures of Electronic Data Gathering are compiled with led by the enumerators.
  11. To ensure that an interphase between the front end (PDA) and the back end (Data Centre Server, DCS) are up and running.
  12. All issues pertaining to the operations and functionality of the PDAs are referred to handled by the DQMs.
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