2023: Rufai Useni Threatens Reno Omokri

Rufai Useni and Reno Omokri

Rufai Useni, a media personality has released a live video threatening to murder the life of Reno Omokri as the 2023 political race gets tough.

Nigerians are now calling on Useni to clarify the words in used towards the life threat to Reno Omokri. Reno Omokri is a Nigerian author and social media influencer.

I would like Mr. Rufai Oseni, @ruffydfire to listen to his words again, and enlighten the rest of us on what he means when he says he can be deadly and “take out” Reno Omokri.

Some post made by notable Nigerian addressed to Rufai Useni include;

Young Rufai Oseni, @ruffydfire, would you be so good as to clarify what you meant in the call in which you threatened to “take out” Reno Omokri? As a media proprietor, I am shocked at such a threat coming from a journalist. That is unacceptable!

Life threatening posts, calls and video by media personalities and politicians will lead to political violence as we prepare for the 2023 General Elections. Politicians must take time to caution their followers, especially on tv programs and social media to be guided on use of words.

Words are very powerful and can destroy within a moment. The effect of negative use of words before, during and after election can cause political revolution that cannot be stopped.

Violence will not and cannot create the Nigeria of our dream. Let peace dialogue and right use of words propagate the political scene as political parties, followers and electorates prepare for the General Elections scheduled on February and March 2023.

The various political parties and anchor followers must be decisive in using their powerful campaign privileges alright.

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