Asa Polling Units

Asa is an electoral ward located in Aba South Local Government Area of Abia state comprising of over 30 polling units.

Girls' Secondary Community School is the collation centre of Asa ward in Aba South LGA of Abia state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

Asa - Girl's Sec Com. Sch

  1. Asa Railway Halt Primary School I
  2. Asa Railway Halt Primary School Ii
  3. Asa Railway Halt Primary School Iii
  4. Asa Railway Halt Primary School Iv
  5. Asa-Osumenyi Hall I
  6. Asa-Osumenyi Hall Ii
  7. Asa-Osumenyi Hall Iii
  8. Asa-School Road Prim.Sch I
  9. Asa-School Road Prim.Sch Ii
  10. Asa-School Road Prim.Sch Iii
  11. Asa-School Road Prim.Sch Iv
  12. Asa Awka Etiti Hall I
  13. Asa Awka Etiti Hall Ii
  14. Asa Awka Etiti Hall Iii
  15. Asa-Township Prim.Sch. I
  16. Asa-Township Prim.Sch. Ii
  17. Asa-Township Prim.Sch. Iii
  18. Asa-Township Prim.Sch. Iv
  19. Asa Ukpor Hall I
  20. Asa Ukpor Hall Ii
  21. Railway Halt Primary School V
  22. Railway Halt Primary School Vi
  23. Railway Halt Primary School Vii
  24. Railway Halt Primary School Viii
  25. Osumenyi Hall Iv
  26. Osumenyi Hall V
  27. School Road Primary School V
  28. School Road Primary School Vi
  29. School Road Primary School Vii
  30. School Road Primary School Viii
  31. School Road Primary School Ix
  32. Awka Etiti Hall Iv
  33. Awka Etiti Hall V
  34. Township Primary School V
  35. Township Primary School Vi
  36. Township Primary School Vii
  37. Ukpor Hall Iii
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