Duties of Census Field Supervisors

2023 Census

Field supervisors are important census functionaries saddled with the duties and responsibilities of leading a team of enumerators and working closely with the field coordinators to ensure that accurate data are captured.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of census field supervisors are

  1. To handles all difficulties the enumerators might report to him/her, including non-contacts and refusal cases.
  2. To checks that enumerators have visited all dwellings in the Enumeration Area (EAs) assigned to their team.
  3. To establish good working relationships with military, civil, village head and other authorities to ensure that work goes smoothly.
  4. To carry out monitoring visits in each EA and makes a daily daily report to the field coordinator on the progress of the census work.
  5. To ensure as much as possible the security all enumerators working under him/her.
  6. To clear enumerators after completion of their task.

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