Gombe State (Gombe) History, Recruitment & Education

Gombe State, the Jewel in the Savannah was created in October 1996 from part of Bauchi state by the then head of state, General Sani Abacha.

History of Gombe state

Gombe state is located in North East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Gombe State, nicknamed the ‘Jewel in the Savannah’, was formed in October 1996 from part of the Bauchi State by the Abacha military government. Gombe state is mainly populated by Fulani people.

Gombe state has a population of about 5 million (2022) and it is expected to be 6.5 million by 2025.

Major tribes in the State include Waja, Tangale, Tera, Fulani, Bolewa, Kanuri, Jukun, Cham, Tula, Pero/Shonge and Kamo/Awak; however, Hausa language is widely spoken all over the State.Language Spoken In Gombe State.

Gombe state speak many languages like Hausa, Fulani, and Tangale among others.

Educational Institutions

  • Gombe State College of Education Billiri
  • Gombe State College of Legal Studies Nafada
  • College of Education, Billiri
  • Federal College of Education(Technical), Gombe
  • Federal College of Horticultural Technology, Dadin Kowa
  • Gombe State College of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Umma College of Health Science and Technology

Local Government Areas

There are 11 local government areas in Gombe state. Akko, Balanga, Billiri, Dukku, Funakaye, Gombe, Kaltungo, Kwami. List of LGA in Gombe state.


Employment opportunities is available at the state civil commission and agencies for graduates and non-graduates. Applicants should visit the state recruitment database and submit their applications for employment consideration.

Gombe state

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