Jeremi III (Okwagbe) Polling Units

Jeremi III is an electoral ward located in Ugheli South Local Government Area of Delta state comprising of 18 polling units. 

Otor-Okwagbe Town hall is the collation centre of Jeremi 3 ward in Ughelli LGA of Delta state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

Jeremi III Ward – 18 Polling Units

1. Otor-Okwagbe Town Hall, Otor-Okwagbe

2. Imigbu Rest House, Otor - Okwagbe

3. Imigbu Hall, Otor - Okwagbe

4. Edjavwe Hall, Otor - Okwagbe

5. Edjavwe Hall, Otor-Okwagbe

6. Idjogun Hall, Okwagbe Waterside

7. Idjogun Hall Ii, Okwagbe Waterside

8. Iviaje Hall Okwagbe Waterside

9. Akpo I Hall, Okwagbe Waterside

10. Baba - Ido Primary School, Okwagbe Waterside

11. Market Square, Okwagbe Waterside

12. Okwagbe Primary School, Okwagbe

13. Open Space By Eboh -Edjavwe, Otor-Okwagbe

14. Erhobe Hall, Otor-Okwagbe

15. Okoh Hall, Idjogun Ekpere, Okwagbe Waterside

16. Speed Boat Park, Idjogun, Okwagbe Waterside

17. Post Office, Iviaje, Okwagbe Waterside

18. Iwhre-Akpo Hall, Okwagbe Waterside

Delta State Polling Units

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