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Kaduna state was formerly created in 1967 located in north east geopolitical zone of Nigeria and comprising of 23 LGAs.

History of Kaduna State

Kaduna was founded by British colonists in 1900. The first British governor of Northern Nigeria, Sir Frederick Lugard, chose the present site for development due to its proximity to the Lagos-Kano Railway. It became the capital of Nigeria’s former Northern Region in 1917, and retained this status until 1967.

Kaduna State is mostly populated by Hausa, Gbagyi, Adara, Ham, Atyap, Bajjuu and Agworok ethnic communities.

It is one of the 36 states located in the northern area of Nigeria, and is the ninth largest state in the country. 

Hausa is Kaduna State’s most widely spoken language, while English is its official language. Other local languages are also spoken, such as Yoruba, Igbo, Fula and English Creole among others.

Local Government Areas

View list of LGAs in Kaduna State.

Colleges and Universities

  • Kaduna State University College of Basic and Remedial Studies
  • Kaduna State University
  • Samaru College Of Agriculture
  • The Institute of Certified Geographers of Nigeria
  • Kaduna State College of Education
  • Nigerian Defence Academy
Job Recruitment Portal
Visit the Kaduna state job recruitment database and submit your online application for upward review and consideration into the satte service service commission and agencies.

Kaduna State Nigeria

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