Ngwa Polling Units

Ngwa is a ward located in Aba South Local Government Area of Abia state comprising of over 60 polling units.

Ndoki Road Primary school the collation centre of Ngwa ward in Aba South LGA of Abia state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

Ngwa - Ndoki Rd Pry Sch

  1. Ngwa - Ehime Hall I
  2. Ngwa - Ehime Hall Ii
  3. Ngwa - Uga Hall
  4. Ngwa-Akabo Hall I
  5. Ngwa-Akabo Hall Ii
  6. Ngwa-Akabo Hall Iii
  7. Ngwa-Nkwerre Hall I
  8. Ngwa-Nkwerre Hall Ii
  9. Ngwa-Nkwerre Hall Iii
  10. Ngwa-Ndoki Road Prim.School I
  11. Ngwa-Ndoki Road Prim.School Ii
  12. Ngwa-Ndoki Road Prim.School Iii
  13. Ngwa-Agulu Peoples Hall I
  14. Ngwa-Agulu Peoples Hall Ii
  15. Ngwa-Agulu Peoples Hall Iii
  16. Ngwa-Agulu Peoples Hall Iv
  17. Ngwa-Friends Vacational Coll I
  18. Ngwa-Friends Vacational Coll Ii
  19. Ngwa- Okagwe Item Hall I
  20. Ngwa- Okagwe Item Hall Ii
  21. Ngwa- Okagwe Item Hall Iii
  22. Ngwa-Ihioma Hall I
  23. Ngwa-Ihioma Hall Ii
  24. Ngwa-Amaufuru Village Hall I
  25. Ngwa-Amaufuru Village Hall Ii
  26. Ngwa-Amaufuru Village Hall Iii
  27. Ngwa-Ugo Commercial College I
  28. Ngwa-Ugo Commercial College Ii
  29. Ngwa-Ugo Commercial College Iii
  30. Ngwa-Umunneise Village Hall
  31. Ngwa-Umuagbai East Primary School I
  32. Ngwa-Umuagbai East Primary School Ii
  33. Ngwa-Umuagbai East Primary School Iii
  34. Ngwa-Umuagbai East Primary School Iv
  35. Ngwa-Holy Cross College
  36. Ngwa-Umuagbai West Prim.School
  37. Ehime Hall Iii
  38. Ehime Hall Iv
  39. Uga Hall Ii
  40. Uga Hall Iii
  41. Uga Hall Iv
  42. Uga Hall V
  43. Nkwere Hall Iv
  44. Nkwere Hall V
  45. Ndoki Road Primary School Iv
  46. Ndoki Road Primary School V
  47. Ngwa Road Prim. School Vi
  48. Agulu Peoples Hall V
  49. Agulu Peoples Hall Vi
  50. Agulu Peoples Hall Vii
  51. Agulu Peoples Hall Viii
  52. Agulu People's Hall Ix
  53. Friends Vocational College Iii
  54. Friends Vocational College Iv
  55. Okagwe Item Hall Iv
  56. Okagwe Item Hall V
  57. Ihioma Hall Iii
  58. Amafuru Village Hall Iv
  59. Amafuru Village Hall V
  60. Amafuru Village Hall Vii
  61. Ugo Community College Iv
  62. Ugo Commercial College V
  63. Ugo Commercial College Vi
  64. Umuagbai East Primary School V
  65. Umuagbai East Primary School Vi
  66. Umuagbai East Primary School Vii
  67. Umuagbai East Primary School