Okpe LGA Polling Units and Wards

Delta state
The polling units in Oreorkpe, Oviri-Okpe, Oha I -II, Oha II, Aghalokpe, Aragba, Mereje I-3, Ughtoton/Jeddo wards in Okpe LGA Of Delta State.

There are 10 wards in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta state comprising of over 200 Polling Units registered by INEC.

Wards And Collation Centres

  • 1 Oreorkpe - Adane-Okpe Primary School
  • 2 Oviri-Okpe - Okorodudu Primary School
  • 3 Oha I - Oha Town Hall Oha
  • 4 Oha Ii - Adagbrassa Town Hall
  • 5 Aghalokpe - St. Peters Clevers Coll
  • 6 Aragba - Aragba Town Hall
  • 7 Mereje I - Mereje Town Hall
  • 8 Mereje Ii - Adeje Pry Sch., Adeje
  • 9 Mereje Iii - Oyenke Primary Sch.,Oyenke
  • 10 Ughtoton/Jeddo - Ubrete Town Hall

Polling Units In Okpe LGA

Orerokpe - Adane-Okpe Primary School

  1. Pavilion Police Station I
  2. Pavilion Police Station Ii
  3. Palace Gate I
  4. Palace Gate Ii
  5. Adane - Okpe Primary School, Orerokpe I
  6. Adane - Okpe Primary School, Orerokpe Ii
  7. Adane - Okpe Primary School, Orerokpe Iii
  8. Adane - Okpe Primary School, Orerokpe Iv
  9. Adane - Okpe Primary School, Orerokpe V
  10. Customary Court, Orodje Road
  11. Orhue Primary School, Orerokpe I
  12. Orhue Primary School, Orerokpe Ii
  13. Okuloho Primary School, Okuloho I
  14. Okuloho Primary School, Okuloho Ii
  15. Open Space By Factory Road Junction By Orerokpe Oha Road, Orerokpe
  16. Open Space By Police Station, Orerokpe
  17. Bus Stop By Catholic Church, Orerokpe
  18. Open Space By Library, Orerokpe
  19. Council Multi Purpose Hall, Orerokpe
  20. Open Space By Old Market Square, Orerokpe
  21. Open Space By Hospital Road Junction I, Orerokpe
  22. Open Space By Hospital Road Junction Ii, Orerokpe
  23. Health Care Centre, Orerokpe
  24. Open Space By Bank Street Junction, Orerokpe
  25. Open Space By Bedc, Orerokpe
  26. Open Space By Delta Hotel Junction, Orerokpe
  27. Baptist High School I, Orerokpe
  28. Open Space By Rural Electricity Board, Orerokpe
  29. Open Space By Orhoro Road Junction, Orerokpe


Oviri-Okpe - Okorodudu Primary School

  1. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe
  2. Iribagun Street, Oviri - Okpe
  3. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe I
  4. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe Ii
  5. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe Iii
  6. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe Iv
  7. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe V
  8. Okorodudu Primary School, Oviri - Okpe Vi
  9. Umiaghwa Primary School, Umiaghwa I
  10. Umiaghwa Primary School, Umiaghwa Ii
  11. Umiaghwa Primary School, Umiaghwa Iii
  12. Umiaghwa Primary School, Umiaghwa Iv
  13. Umiaghwa Primary School, Umiaghwa V

 Oha I - Oha Town Hall Oha

  1. Oghwere Primary School, Oha Town I
  2. Oghwere Primary School, Oha Town Ii
  3. Oha Town Hall, Oha Town I
  4. Oha Town Hall, Oha Town Ii
  5. Oha Town Hall, Oha Town Iii
  6. Okuokoko Town Hall, Okuokoko I
  7. Okuokoko Town Hall, Okuokoko Ii
  8. Osubi Town Hall, Osubi I
  9. Osubi Town Hall, Osubi Ii
  10. Ugolo Town Hall, Ugolo I
  11. Ugolo Town Hall, Ugolo Ii
  12. Okuodiete Town Hall, Okuodiete
  13. Okozi Town Hall, Okozi I
  14. Okozi Town Hall, Okozi Ii
  15. Okurowhe Town Hall, Okurowhe
  16. Okurikperhe Town Hall, Okurikperhe I
  17. Okurikperhe Town Hall, Okurikperhe Ii
  18. Open Space By Bend Corner, Oha
  19. Open Space By Old Market, Oha
  20. Primary Health Care Centre, Oha
  21. Okuokoko Primary School I, Okuokoko
  22. Okuokoko Primary School Ii, Okuokoko
  23. Open Space By Ayo Signboard Street Junction, Okuokoko
  24. Open Space By Poultry Junction, Okuokoko
  25. Open Space By Okuokoko Market, Okuokoko
  26. Okene Secondary School I, Okuokoko
  27. Okene Secondary School Ii, Okuokoko
  28. Open Space By La Iro Street Junction, Okuokoko
  29. Open Space By Ikaka Street Junction, Osubi
  30. Open Space By Lucky Street Junction, Osubi
  31. Open Space By Jamaco Street Junction, Osubi
  32. Osubi Secondary School I, Osubi
  33. Osubi Secondary School Ii, Osubi
  34. Open Space By Newton Street Junction, Osubi
  35. Osubi Corper's Lodge I, Osubi
  36. Osubi Corper's Lodge Ii, Osubi
  37. Evwreke Primary School I, Osubi
  38. Evwreke Primary School Ii, Osubi
  39. Osubi Civic Centre, Osubi
  40. Open Space By Mercy Close, Osubi
  41. Open Space By Madamedor Street Junction, Osubi
  42. Okurikperhe Junction, Ugolo
  43. Open Space By Sambish Junction, Ugolo
  44. Okuodiete Town Hall Ii, Okuodiete
  45. Okorowhe Primary School, Okorowhe
  46. Open Space By Okah Junction, Okorowhe
  47. Okurikperhe Primary School I, Okurikperhe
  48. Okurikperhe Town Hall Ii, Okurikperhe


Oha Ii - Adagbrassa Town Hall

  1. Adagbrassa Town Hall, Adagbrassa I
  2. Adagbrassa Town Hall, Adagbrassa Ii
  3. Adagbrassa Town Hall, Adagbrassa Iii
  4. Adagbrassa Town Hall, Adagbrassa Iv
  5. Odjedi Town Hall, Odjedi
  6. Amuokpokpo Town Hall, Amuokpokpo I
  7. Amuokpokpo Town Hall, Amuokpokpo Ii
  8. Okwitaire Town Hall, Okwitaire
  9. Ughwagba Town Hall, Ughwagba I
  10. Ughwagba Town Hall, Ughwagba Ii
  11. Okuighele Town Hall, Okuighele
  12. Evwriyen Primary School, Evwriyen I
  13. Evwriyen Primary School, Evwriyen Ii
  14. Okwidiemo Primary School, Okwidiemo
  15. Odjedi Town Hall Ii, Odjedi

  Aghalokpe - St. Peters Clevers Coll

  1. S.P.C.C. Aghalokpe I
  2. S.P.C.C. Aghalokpe Ii
  3. Ajagolo Primary School, Aghalokpe I
  4. Ajagolo Primary School, Aghalokpe Ii
  5. Ogoni Primary School, Aghalokpe I
  6. Ogoni Primary School, Aghalokpe Ii
  7. Ogoni Primary School, Aghalokpe Iii
  8. Ogoni Primary School, Aghalokpe Iv
  9. Unurhie Town, Aghalokpe
  10. Ajaguoyibo Town Hall, Ajaguoyibo I
  11. Ajaguoyibo Town Hall, Ajaguoyibo Ii
  12. Ohwarohwa Town Hall Ohwarohwa
  13. Igugudu Town Hall, Igugudu, Aghalokpe
  14. Primary Health Care Centre, Adarho

 Aragba - Aragba Town Hall

  1. Aragba Town Hall , Aragba I
  2. Aragba Town Hall , Aragba Ii
  3. Aragba Town Hall , Aragba Iii
  4. Aragba Town Hall , Aragba Iv
  5. Edjeba Primary School, Edjeba
  6. Ovwori Primary School, Ovwori I
  7. Ovwori Primary School, Ovwori Ii
  8. Adagbrassa Town Hall, Adagbrassa I
  9. Adagbrassa Town Hall, Adagbrassa Ii
  10. Adavware Town Hall, Adavware
  11. Ogiribo Town Hall, Ogiribo
  12. Adagbrassa Primary School I, Adagbrassa
  13. Adagbrassa Primary School Ii, Adagbrassa

Mereje I - Mereje Town Hall

  1. Ekokor Primary School, Ekokor I
  2. Ekokor Primary School, Ekokor Ii
  3. Egborode Primary School, Egborode I
  4. Egborode Primary School, Egborode Ii
  5. Egborode Town Hall, Egborode I
  6. Egborode Town Hall, Egborode Ii
  7. Egborode Town Hall, Egborode Iii
  8. Mereje Town Hall, Mereje I
  9. Mereje Town Hall, Mereje Ii
  10. Mereje Town Hall, Mereje Iii
  11. Mereje Town Hall, Mereje Iv
  12. Ifuama Town Hall, Eroghor
  13. Okwokolo Town Hall, Okwokolo I
  14. Okwokolo Town Hall, Okwokolo Ii
  15. Okwuvo Town Hall, Okwuvo I
  16. Okwuvo Town Hall, Okwuvo Ii
  17. Egborode Primary School Iii, Egborode
  18. Open Space By Egborode Junction, Egborode
  19. Open Space By J2y Hotel Junction, Egborode
  20. Orhue Primary School, Mereje
  21. Orhue Secondary School, Mereje


Mereje Ii - Adeje Pry Sch., Adeje

  1. Oviri Court, Adeje
  2. Adeje Primary School, Adeje I
  3. Adeje Primary School, Adeje Ii
  4. Egbeleku Primary School, Egbeleku
  5. Okwijorogu Town Hall, Okwijorogu
  6. Okwejeba Primary School, Okwejeba
  7. Okugbogbo Town Hall, Okugbogbo
  8. Okuemoefe Town Hall, Okuemoefe
  9. Iriama Primary School, Iriama I
  10. Iriama Primary School, Iriama Ii
  11. Opuraja Primary School, Opuraja I
  12. Opuraja Primary School, Opuraja Ii
  13. Opuraja Primary School, Opuraja Iii
  14. Opuraja Primary School, Opuraja Iv
  15. Alelodje Town Hall, Alelodje
  16. Ikpokpogri Town Hall, Ikpokpogri
  17. Oviri-Court Hall Ii, Adeje
  18. Adeje Primary School Iii, Adeje
  19. Adeje Customary Court, Adeje
  20. Adeje Town Hall, Adeje
  21. Adeje Secondary School, Adeje
  22. Otomewo Town Hall, Otomewo
  23. Okwejeba Town Hall, Okwejeba
  24. Open Space By Idumunuayefe, Okugbogbo


 Mereje Iii - Oyenke Primary Sch.,Oyenke

  1. Oyenke Town Hall, Oyenke I
  2. Oyenke Town Hall, Oyenke Ii
  3. Oyenke Town Hall Oyenke Iii
  4. Jakpa Town Hall, Jakpa
  5. Okuobude Town Hall, Okuobude
  6. Okuogholo Town Hall, Okuogholo
  7. Okuetolor Town Hall, Okuetolor I
  8. Okuetolor Town Hall, Okuetolor Ii
  9. Okuetolor Town Hall, Okuetolor Iii
  10. Okobia Primary School, Okobia I
  11. Okobia Primary School, Okobia Ii
  12. Okuegume Town Hall, Okuegume
  13. Okolovu Town Hall, Okolovu
  14. Okufuoma Town Hall, Okufuoma
  15. Okuovwisi Town Hall, Okuovwisi
  16. Okuabude Town Hall Ii, Okuabude


 Ughtoton/Jeddo - Ubrete Town Hall

  1. Ubrete Town Hall, Ughoton I
  2. Ubrete Town Hall, Ughoton Ii
  3. Ometa Primary School, Ughoton
  4. Ughoton Primary School, Ughoton
  5. Ughoton Primary School Ughoton
  6. Idodo Town Hall, Ughoton
  7. Ugbokodo Town Hall, Ugbokodo I
  8. Ugbokodo Town Hall, Ugbokodo Ii
  9. Ugbokodo Town Hall, Ugbokodo Iii
  10. Ugbokodo Town Hall, Ugbokodo Iv
  11. Jeddo Town Hall, Jeddo
  12. Jeddo Udumuegheleta, Jeddo
  13. Udumurhie Town Hall, Jeddo I
  14. Udumurhie Town Hall, Jeddo Ii
  15. Udumuevbahah, Jeddo
  16. Ubrete, Jeddo
  17. Udumuagworo, Jeddo
  18. Jeddo Primary School, Jeddo I
  19. Jeddo Primary School, Jeddo Ii
  20. Open Space By Waterside Market, Ughoton
  21. Esezi Secondary School, Ughoton
  22. Ometa Post Office, Ughoton
  23. Edion Ancient Town Hall I, Ughoton
  24. Edion Ancient Town Hall Ii, Ughoton
  25. Idodo Town Hall Ii, Ughoton
  26. Ugbokodo Primary School I, Ugbokodo
  27. Ugbokodo Primary School Ii, Ugbokodo
  28. Open Space By Ugbokodo Junction By Ughoton Road, Ugbokodo
  29. Open Space By Ugbokodo Round About, Ugbokodo
  30. Ogwaledion Town Hall, Ugbokodo
  31. Open Space By Ugbokodo Market Square, Ugbokodo
  32. Open Space Opposite Catholic Church, Jeddo
  33. Open Space By Jeddo Air Force Mess, Jeddo
  34. Open Space By Ddpa Junction, Jeddo
  35. Government Health Care Centre I, Jeddo
  36. Government Health Care Centre Ii, Jeddo
  37. Open Space By Jeddo Market, Jeddo
  38. Jeddo Secondary School, Jeddo
  39. Open Space By Agidi Street Junction, Jeddo
  40. Open Space By Regent School, Jeddo
  41. Open Space By New Okpe Road Junction, Jeddo
  42. Open Space By Crane Field Street Junction, Jeddo

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