Apostle Johnson Suleman Sues Halima Abubakar over Sex Scandal

Halima and Suleman

Actress Halima Abubakar speaks on secret relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries in a video chat as he sues for sex scandal and defamation of information.

Actress Halima has been covering up for Apostle Suleman over few years now, but her continue health challenges would not let her be.

She granted interview to an online media where she narrated all the secret happening between her and the man of God, including others ladies that have died in the process.

Halima has tried to protect the image of Mr. Suleman over the years, but she have to speak should anything happen to her.

Her relationship with Apostle Suleman started when she met the man of God for prayers and later approached her for marriage, that he had separated with the wife at that time. As a single lady, she acted positively with the assurance of gettting marrried at the beginning before things turn upside down.

It all started in 2009 and the lady has had three abortions and today, she is in a challenging health situation after those abortions and the man has dumped her for continuous bleeding situations.

Watch Halima Abubakar’s Video Chat

You can get the full gist where the lady made open confession in regards to her relationship with the founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Meanwhile, Apostle Johnson Suleman has issued a lawuist against Miss Halima Abubakar for defamation of character to the tune of N1 billion over her confession relating to dating, abortion and health.



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