Fancy Acholonu reveals Why Alexx Ekubo Dumps Her

Alexx and Fancy
Nigerian actor, Alexx Ekubo has been under intense pressure as his ex, Fancy Acholonu reveals secret behind their failed relationship.

Alexx and Fancy where supposed to get married last November, but the marriage was cancelled fees week to the wedding day by the fiancee, as announced on Instagram post.

After few weeks, Fancy rendered a public apology that she is sorry and that both of them are back. 

Unknown to the public, both of them are no longer together, Alexx force me to apologise to the public as revealed by Fancy in a New year post on her IG.

Nigerians are deeply in concern over the state of things in regard to the level of mistrust and misdirection coming from a celebrity relationship and manner their issues are being discussed.

Alexx, 36 was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and a law graduate was unable to settle down with her betroth, Fancy, residing overseas.


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