Ipeleng and Lukay becomes BBTitans Sex Partners

Housemates Ipeleng and Lukay becomes the first housemates to sail their ships successful after a romantic moments in the garden.

Ipeleng 24-years and Lukay 31-years connect swiftly after few weeks in the Big Brother Titans house in South Africa. Relationships are really inevitable in a reality tv show, which Ipeleng and Lukay have started.

Both have found love inside the reality tv show and Ipeleng is ever ready to sail the ship even after the show. But we can't believe Lukay is still eyeing other ladies in the house.

Lukay was very assertive in persuassing Ipeleng and due to her high libido, she couldn't wait to have sex. Now, they do it every day inside Biggie house. It seems sex is the cheapest commodity inside biggie house. To others, it is entertaining beyond show.

During the first eviction show where Theo Traw and Sandra were evicted, Ipeleng was able to use her veto power of save and replace to save Lukay from sudden eviction.

More ships are being expected inside the BBTitans house because the guys and ladies are busy connecting in romantic moments.

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