Prophecies for the New Year 2023

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023, our year of abundance and divine health with prophetic declarations from the mouth of God's servants.

These are notable prophecies from renowned and anointed Men of God in Africa, particularly Nigerian ministers.

  1. It shall be a year to be much remembered in the History of Nigeria.
  2. 2023 shall birth a new dawn for Nigeria youths.
  3. There shall be rejoicing for those seeking the good of the society and gloominess for its haters.
  4. The year 2023 shall bring forth stable economy to all citizens.
  5. The Nigeria 2023 general election shall remain peaceful.
  6. There shall be no war in Nigeria.
  7. It shall be a year of divine marriages for our singles.
  8. There shall be no mourning of the dead in our households.
  9. The year shall bring forth stability in our finances and major area of needs.
  10. You shall end the year well in peace and in health.
GO Adeboye
It shall be a year of wild fire spiritual awakening and restoration of the dignity of the saints in the body of Christ.