The Nun and the Monk who Fell in Love and Married - FOB

The story of a nun, Sister Mary Elizabeth and a monk, Robert of the Roman Catholic faith now living as husband and wife against their priestly oath.

Twenty-four years after becoming a nun, it was a brief touch of the sleeve of a monk that changed everything for Sister Mary Elizabeth as reported by BBC News.

She was left alone with Robert, a monk visiting her order from a priory on the other side of England, UK.

Nun and Monk

"It was our first time in a room together. We sat at a table as he ate, and the prioress didn't come back so I had to let him out."

As she let Robert out of the door, Sister Mary Elizabeth brushed his sleeve and said she felt something of a jolt.

"I just felt a chemistry there, something, and I was a bit embarrassed. And I thought, gosh, did he feel that too. And as I let him out the door it was quite awkward."

It was about a week later that she received Robert's message asking if she would leave to marry him.


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