2023 Nigerian General Elections Manifestos

The manifestos’ of APC, PDP, AAC and Labour party political parties in Nigeria in the 2023 General Elections.

The intention of every political party and their candidates anchored on their manifestos; for the African Action Congress, All Progressives Congress, Peoples Democratic Party and Labour Party.

African Action Congress (AAC)  

  • Committed to maintaining unpolluted rivers and keeping harmful emissions at bay.
  • Notes the necessity to move away from the dependency on the oil sector by diversifying
  • the Nigerian economy.
  • Will implement an expansion of Nigeria’s energy sector by investing in wind, solar, coal,
  • biogas and nuclear energy.
  • Aims to leverage international programs in order to invest in renewable sources of power.
  • Plans to revive the agriculture sector.

All Progressives Congress APC
  • Envisages the exploration of new methods for the exploitation of clean coal as well as
  • renewable energy technologies.
  • Recognises that the oil and gas sector has led to significant environmental damage in
  • the Niger Delta.
  • Seeks to increase investment in new technologies and infrastructure for low-cost and
  • clean fuel gas.
  • Aims for the development of Nigeria’s agricultural sector in order to diversify the
  • country’s economy and move away from the dependence on the oil and gas industry.
  • Recognises that climate change is a big challenge for the agricultural sector that needs
  • to be addressed.
  • Committed to accelerating environmental clean-up in the Niger-Delta region.
  • Encourages generation of renewable power by the private sector.
  • Will implement a “Renewable Energy Plan” based on the country’s commitment to
  • carbon neutrality by 2060.

Labour Party

  • Recognises that Nigeria is severely vulnerable to climate change.
  • Committed to the transition away from fossil fuel dependency.
  • Aims to promote renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Emphasises the preservation of environmental integrity and prioritises the reform of the
  • oil and gas industry to avoid further damage to the environment.
  • Will prioritise the development of Nigeria’s agriculture industry for economic growth.
  • Mentions the Blue Economy and the potential of the sustainable use of ocean resources,
  • namely emerging renewable energy.
  • Envisages the launch of a solar power revolution across the country.

Peoples Democratic Party

  • Emphasises the promotion of the oil and gas sector.
  • Prioritises investment in oil refining infrastructure in order to double capacity.
  • Encourages greenfield investment in crude oil refining.
  • Speaks on promoting the oil and gas sector by expanding reserves.
  • Aims for the privatisation of government-owned refineries and the issues of new licences
  • for greenfield investment in crude oil refining.
  • Prioritises the reform of the power sector with the aim of diversifying national power
  • sources.
  • Recognises that the Nigerian agriculture sector is currently underperforming.
  • Envisages agriculture, manufacturing and MSMEs as economic growth drivers in lieu of
  • the oil sector.
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