Africa Continent: History, Regions, Features and Countries

The history, features, regions and countries in Africa, the second largest world continent with total area of 30,370,000 Sq.Km and 54 countries according to FOB News.

It comprises of 54 countries. It is the hottest continent and home of the world's largest desert, the Sahara, occupying the 25% of the total area of Africa. Africa has the total area of 30,370,000 Sq.Km

Africa is one  of the 7 continent bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. Africa is the 2nd largest continent after Asia.

Africa Continent

Africa Regions

The Africa continent has some major physical regions, including
  • the Sahara
  • the Sahel
  • the Ethiopian Highlands
  • the savanna
  • the Swahili Coast
  • the rainforest
  • the African Great Lakes, and 
  • southern Africa.
Countries in Africa

The list of the 54 countries according to the United Nations and their respective regions.

  1. Nigeria       Western Africa
  2. Ethiopia     Eastern Africa
  3. Egypt        Northern Africa
  4. DR Congo  Middle Africa
  5. Tanzania    Eastern Africa
  6. South Africa       Southern Africa
  7. Kenya               Eastern Africa
  8. Uganda             Eastern Africa
  9. Algeria               Northern Africa
  10. Sudan               Northern Africa
  11. Morocco            Northern Africa
  12. Angola               Middle Africa
  13. Mozambique      Eastern Africa
  14. Ghana               Western Africa
  15. Madagascar       Eastern Africa
  16. Cameroon  Middle Africa
  17. Côte d'Ivoire      Western Africa
  18. Niger         Western Africa
  19. Burkina Faso      Western Africa
  20. Mali           Western Africa
  21. Malawi               Eastern Africa
  22. Zambia              Eastern Africa
  23. Senegal             Western Africa
  24. Chad         Middle Africa
  25. Somalia             Eastern Africa
  26. Zimbabwe  Eastern Africa
  27. Guinea              Western Africa
  28. Rwanda             Eastern Africa
  29. Benin        Western Africa
  30. Burundi             Eastern Africa
  31. Tunisia              Northern Africa
  32. South Sudan      Eastern Africa
  33. Togo         Western Africa
  34. Sierra Leone       Western Africa
  35. Libya         Northern Africa
  36. Congo               Middle Africa
  37. Liberia               Western Africa
  38. Central African Republic       Middle Africa
  39. Mauritania Western Africa
  40. Eritrea               Eastern Africa
  41. Namibia             Southern Africa
  42. Gambia             Western Africa
  43. Botswana   Southern Africa
  44. Gabon               Middle Africa
  45. Lesotho             Southern Africa
  46. Guinea-Bissau    Western Africa
  47. Equatorial Guinea        Middle Africa
  48. Mauritius   Eastern Africa
  49. Eswatini     Southern Africa
  50. Djibouti     Eastern Africa
  51. Comoros            Eastern Africa
  52. Cabo Verde Western Africa
  53. Sao Tome & Principe   Middle Africa
  54. Seychelles         Eastern Africa


Features of Africa Continent

Victoria Falls
This spectacular Southern African waterfall is located along the Zambezi River and straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The Namib Desert
This Namib coastal desert covers parts of three Southern African countries; Angola, Namibia (home to the greatest portion of the desert), and South Africa.
East African Rift System
Escarpments of the Great Rift Valley rising above the plain north of Samburu Game Preserve located central Kenya.

Congo River - The hydroelectric dam on the Congo River at Inga Falls, near Matadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Sahara Desert
Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world, which encompasses almost all of northern Africa, spanning from the Atlantic Ocean on the western side of the continent to the Red Sea on the eastern side. Sahara has an area of 3.32 million square miles (8.6 million square km).

Lake Victoria
The largest lake in Africa and chief reservoir of the Nile River, this freshwater body has an area of 26,828 square miles (69,484 square.
Ituri Forest
This dense tropical rainforest is located in Central Africa of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and it covers 24,300 square miles (62,900 square km).

Nile River
This is the longest river in Africa and, depending on what you believe, the longest river in the world.