Agbarha Otor Polling Units

Agbarha-Otor is an electoral ward located in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state comprising of over 40 polling units.

Agbarha Town Hall is the collation centre of Agbarha Otor ward in Ughelli North LGA of Delta  state as registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for local, state and national elections in Nigeria.

Polling Units in Agbarha-Otor Ward

  1. Ogbe Ovwevine/Megrioyibo St./Agbarha P/S
  2. Ovie Palace/Agadigba St./Agbarha P/S
  3. Edoide/Aghalokpe Market Road Adjarho/Agbarha P/S
  4. Oku/Owe/Emeragha/Omodua St./Ozah Compound, Agbarha
  5. Amanimre/Iviegbe/Ededjo/Djanere/Ighene/Udi/Ibru Coll./Ibru, Agbarha
  6. Ujovwhe Village/Ujovhre Town Hill
  7. Ediode/Aghalokpe/Idogun Compound, Agbarha
  8. Ehwahwa Village/Ehwahwa Market, Ehwahwa Village
  9. Osuovwa Primary School, Oghara Village
  10. Omakohwere Town Hall, Omakohwere Village
  11. Edjeba Primary School, Edjeba Village
  12. Ibru Primary School, Awirhe Village I
  13. Ibru Primary School, Awirhe Village Ii
  14. Agba/Omovwodorhibo Town Hall, Omovwodorhibo Village
  15. Emavwore Primary School, Otogba Village
  16. Samagidi/Idjere/Edjere/Udovie Primary School, Samagidi
  17. Omanogbe Primary School, Owevwe
  18. Ovwevwe Village O/P
  19. Oman Primary School, Otokutu Village
  20. Opherin Etc.Onaerin Town Hall, Ophori Village
  21. Enakpomu Compound, Saniko Village
  22. Okpraode Primary School, Omavovwe
  23. Saniko/Gana Quarters, Gana Village
  24. Okpara Market, Okpara Village
  25. Anaka Primary School, Oteri/Epete
  26. Idjere Comm. Hall, Idjere
  27. Agbarha-Otor Primary Health Care Centre
  28. Onah Agbarha Community Civic Centre
  29. Ughere Community Town Hall
  30. Agbide Community Town Hall
  31. Saniko Community Town Hall
  32. Uduephapha, Uduetagba Street, Owevwe Community Health Centre, Owevwe
  33. Omanogbe Primary School Ii
  34. Otokutu Community Town Hall
  35. Omavovwe Town Hall
  36. Awirhe/Oko-Eri/ Awirhe Community Townhall, Awirhe
  37. Agbarha Main Market
  38. Oghara Secondary School I
  39. Awirhe Community/Orogun Rd, Awirhe Market, Awirhe
  40. Magistrate Court Edoied, Agbarha
  41. Ujovwire Town Hall
  42. Ibru College Ii

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